Parenting and Education in the time of COVID

Parenting is never an easy job, parenting during a pandemic is even harder, but parenting and education in the time of COVID can seem damn near impossible. The world around us has changed, drastically, and we have all been thrown into it without a handbook on how to navigate it.

Over the course of the last 9 months, we have had to be so much more than just the parent; we have become full-time teachers, school counselor, principal, family crisis interventionist, Nurse/Dr., all while still having to do our number one job of being the parent AND while being forced hermits! Not to mention, those that have had to do all that AND still work outside the home. It is nerve-wracking and exhausting, and honestly, I think we were all over it many months ago.

Still, we do our part for the greater good and push down the craziness that has become our lives, so that we can TRY to help our kids function. For a lot of kids, their senior year either ended in heartbreak…or started that way. College tours were held off, classes went virtual, and their worlds were turned completely upside down.

parenting and education
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As parents, we are trying our best to ease the pain that the pandemic has caused our kiddos; we are trying to help them change plans, change how they will attend college, and if they will even move out at 18. All because the world is an unsure place right now; we know it, and even more, THEY know it. So what can we do to help?

Well, for starters let’s look at their educational options. With many schools going virtual, now is a great time to look at schools that might be closer to home, more affordable, and provide the major your child wants in a virtual setting. Even high school and middle school have these options, if public school just isn’t appealing right now, private schools might be. Canadian Private Schools went all out at the beginning, making sure that everyone stayed up to date on their studies, in a virtual environment.

I know that things are hard, tensions are high, and we are all really tired of this new “normal” but maybe we can ease the stress just a bit. Education is key, but even our kids need a break; emotionally and mentally. So, find the right school, then take a long break as a family. With the Holidays in town, now is the PERFECT time to do just that.

Want a super special way to clear your mind with your sons? Get them outside, or play video games with them…let them plan the day. As for your girls, do the same if that’s what they are interested in. However, if they are more the spa day type, grab them some Thread & Supply ladies loungewear in a style that they love, grab some scented candles from this website, and have a spa day…no education talk allowed!

Parenting and Education go hand in hand, and they are hard anytime, but especially right now. Take a break from it, let your kids take a break from it…if for nothing else, the mental health of EVERYONE!

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