Pink Socks for the Cozy Win!

Socks; to be fair I don’t usually wear them, but when I do I make sure that they actually feel good on my feet. Meaning, they are soft and thick enough that my feet stay cozy. Now, in the summertime in Texas, that doesn’t really matter. However, the fall weather is starting to creep in, and at night my toes get a little cold. Thankfully, I have several pairs of Chrissy’s Socks, a brand that is made in the U.S.A, and is fur-free…and they are pink socks!!

First, let’s discuss these socks; These aren’t your average socks. They aren’t plain white, or no show…these beauties are knee-high and have a nice thickness so that your feet feel cozy AND you look fabulous!

pink socks


I received several pairs of Chrissy’s Pink Socks, in various patterns, and I love all of them…in fact, my 4 and 10 years olds do too. Although, they become more like booty-high socks on them! The patterns that I received were the Pink Zebra Print, Pink Argyle, Pink and Teal Stripe, Solid Pink, and Pink and Black Stripe.

I love how well-made these socks are too. I have had knee-high socks in the past that lost their “grip” and would no longer stay up after a certain time. Chrissy’s Pink Socks don’t have that problem! In addition, these socks are made in the US, and Chrissy’s adheres to a strict Fur Free Policy. I will say, I had never thought about cruelty to animals when it came to my socks, but Chrissy’s opened my eyes to that problem, and I am happy to see that they have taken a stance against animal cruelty in the fashion industry!

Chrissy’s Knee High Pink Socks are the perfect addition to the day; whether you are lounging around the house, or want to add a burst of color to your outfit. These soft, cozy, fashionable socks are the perfect addition to your collection. Pink Socks for the Cozy Win!!



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