Plagiocephaly Baby Pillow Review

As parents we all want the best products to help our kids grow and develop. Starting even before birth, we do our research on the best gear, feeding, bathing, and diapering systems for our child and family needs. For some people, the use of a baby pillow is high on the list, because they have older children who suffered from Plagiocephaly or Flat Head Syndrome. So, in an attempt to be prepared they will search out the best pillow to use when their new baby is lying down, to help the soft skull form correctly.

It should be noted before I go any further, that a pillow should NEVER be used in the crib with a sleeping baby, due to the increased risk of suffocation. That being said, when used in the proper manner, and under adult supervision, a Plagliocephaly baby pillow is a great way to help the skull form correctly without the need for further medical intervention.

So what exactly is Plagiocephaly? In short, it is a soft spot on a baby’s head that has gone flat due to spending too much time lying flat, although there are other causes of this condition. According to CranicalTech.com

The condition, sometimes known as “flat head syndrome,” affects nearly one in two infants today (47%), with one in every ten babies being severe enough that experts would recommend treating with a helmet.

Now, most parents would hope that they could correct this condition without the use of a helmet, and that’s where this baby pillow comes into play. This little memory foam pillow is heart-shaped and has a curved indention at its base to help the skull form correctly. Additionally, it can help eliminate stiff neck because it helps the baby’s spine align correctly.


 A common question for many parents who have infants dealing with Plagiocephaly is  “will this cause other issues?” and while the answer is yes, they aren’t issues that cause brain damage. More commonly, this condition can cause

  • Noticeable facial asymmetry
  • Poor-fitting eyeglasses
  • Poor-fitting safety equipment, including sports helmets
  • Visible flat areas with short or cropped hairstyles
  • Jaw misalignment resulting in a crossbite or underbite (cranicaltech.com, 2021)

For these reasons, it is best to take care of this issue as early on as possible, with most medical professionals agreeing that it needs to be done prior to the child turning 4 months old. This condition is common, with more than 200,000 US cases each year.

While this condition is common, it is also very important to get it taken care of early on, so that your child doesn’t suffer from one of the other issues I listed above. Hopefully, this pillow from Lil Cuddlers will be of some use to those of you that are already dealing with this condition and are in the early days of it. Luckily, this pillow is available on Amazon, so getting your hands on one is easy!

Did or does your baby have Plagiocephaly? Comment below and let me know how you treated it and if a pillow like this was part of your daily routine!

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