Queens Car Accident Lawyer to Your Rescue

Do you know car accidents are one of the leading causes of many deaths every year? According to the latest data,  more than 6 million car accidents occur in the United States every year. The New York Accident statistics reveal, in June 2020 alone, more than 7456 accidents occurred though most vehicles were off the road. 

If you are a victim of a car accident caused by another person’s wrong action, you need to get medical treatment and contact a lawyer. This article discusses how a car accident lawyer can help you after a crash. 

Investigate the Situation That Led to the Car Accident

As per the January 2021 NYC accident report, 841 passengers were injured, and two people died in road accidents. Smaller boroughs like Queens in NYC are generally safe, but as your move towards Brooklyn and Manhattan, things become dangerous at its North End.  

A Queens Car Accident Lawyer will try to establish responsibility for the crash and arrange for a medical examination to get a full report of your condition after the accident. Though the initial investigation will make the cause of the accident clear but several contributing factors need to be examined to build up the case. 

Determine Responsible Parties

New York City is home to some dangerous roads, including roads and intersections at Queens and other smaller boroughs.  These roads tend to have more accidents than other parts of the city, and several people have lost their lives and loved in accidents at these dangerous intersections. 

The lawyer will collect evidence that pinpoints the factors that led to the accident and the person responsible.  If the driver was driving a company car, the employer must bear some responsibility for your medical treatment. If the accident happened due to a car malfunction, the manufacturer could be partially held responsible for the fault. 

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Deal With the Insurance Company

While you are recovering in the hospital, the Queens Car Accident Lawyer would deal with the insurance company. The lawyer will ensure your statement after the accident is not misconstrued or used against you to invalidate your insurance claim. 

Prepare an Estimate of Accident-Related Expenses.

To get you maximum compensation, the lawyer will collect all bills and meet the doctors to estimate all current and future treatment expenses. If your physical condition prevents you from earning your livelihood, the lawyer will also claim “loss of wages” in the final compensation demand. 

Deal With Hospitals

After a car accident, you are required to focus on recovery. However, many hospitals ask patients to pay medical bills at the earliest. The lawyer will talk to your doctors and inform them about pending claims and assure them they will get paid after receiving compensation. 

According to the latest market data, the average compensation paid for moderate injuries in a car accident was around $151,771. The lawyer will build up a strong case to get you the maximum compensation possible. 

To sum up, car accidents are unwanted incidents that may happen to any road user. But you should not feel helpless after an accident as there are provisions in the law to get you the compensation that will take care of medical bills and help bring your life back on track. 


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