Quick and Colorful Ways To Change Your Room

Right after spring cleaning season, the house is ready for a summer in with the kids. With how this last year has gone, those days inside have made all of us acutely familiar with our homes. This summer, too, is looking to be more of the same, even as we venture back out into the world. Consider these quick and colorful ways to change your room for the spaces you’ve cleaned out and are looking to add a splash of color to.

Adding Color To the Walls

Completely changing the wall color in your room or your child’s bedroom can be a challenge. Luckily for modern parents, accent walls are a big hit right now! A quick coat of bold paint on only one wall can instantly change the dynamic of any room. For kid’s rooms, an opportunity to have a say in their room’s look can be a big deal, both as a display of trust on your end and an opportunity to be creative on theirs. Giving your child a chance to choose from a series of fun design stencils for painting or even their own (parent-approved) wallpaper is a huge, yet gratifying step for you both. Wallpaper, like paint, comes in options beyond just different designs, so it’s wise to read up on the different types of wallpaper available on the market before making a stylistic choice.

Quick and Colorful Ways To Change Your Room
Fun Rugs and Throws

Along with lots of other trends making the swing into today’s styles, fluffy bedroom rugs have made a full return. A sophisticated monotone rug for your bedroom can pull the space together by matching with the desk, wardrobe, or accent colors around the room. If you’re restyling a room for a little one, fluffy, colorful rugs can match most bed sets and give your child a nice place to layout and read, play, and rest! Shaped rugs are especially adorable, ranging from clouds and stars to fruit and animals, all to excite your child’s imagination as they enter their room. Be mindful of any textures that your child might find overstimulating or bothersome, especially when looking for a larger rug. Also, make sure the material is easy to clean.

Colorful Décor

Another fast way to change up the color of a room is to add a new set of décor. Whether bought as a set or pieced together from your own outings, bringing together similarly colored items and artfully decorating your space with them can add both color and character to a living space. Match the bases of table lamps or pillows to the décor you put around to truly tie a room together. If you choose to add décor in a child’s room, be sure that it is secure, difficult to reach, or challenging to break.

Other quick and colorful ways to change your room include choosing sheer blinds and even changing the color of your light bulbs! There is plenty of room for creativity when it comes to room design, so feel free to go outside the box as you change out your indoor scenery for the summer. After a tough year, you and your family deserve a space that is an adventure to take part in together.



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