Reasons Your Newborn Isn’t Sleeping at Night

We all need a great night of sleep so our minds can recharge and our bodies can repair themselves. Babies and children need quality rest to continue to grow strong as they develop and explore the world around them. However, some newborns struggle to sleep through the night, and a fussy baby may even refuse naps. Narrow down the cause for your little one’s lack of tiredness by reading these reasons your newborn isn’t sleeping at night.

Your Baby Has Their Time Confused

Plenty of newborns confuses day and night because they had these flipped during their time in the womb. As you walked around, it lulled your baby to sleep, but they may have started kicking when it was time for you to go to bed. Infants are new to life and don’t yet understand that it’s time to go to sleep when the sun goes down.

To correct this, go through the same tasks: bath time, get cozy in jammies, read a story, and then say goodnight. By doing this at the same time, your newborn will adjust.

reasons your newborn isn't sleeping

Your Baby Needs a Better Nap Schedule

Another reason your newborn isn’t sleeping at night is that their nap and sleep schedules aren’t correctly aligned. While babies need naps, long naps can disrupt their nighttime sleep schedule. If their rest goes too long and they miss a feeding, your little one will probably feel hungrier at night. Evaluate the ideal nap routine recommended for babies based on your infant’s age. As your baby grows, they’ll need fewer naps and sleep more throughout the night.

Your Baby’s Uncomfortable

There are many reasons why your little one may not feel cozy. Maybe their pajama material irritates their sensitive skin. Your baby could also be hungry or gassy. None of these feel comfortable, and a newborn only knows to vocalize this by crying, hoping that you’ll understand.

Try massaging your baby to relieve gas and check if they seem hungry before bedtime. And if you worry your baby has a skin allergy, check their skin for a rash or talk to your pediatrician about these concerns.

You’re Too Interesting

To a baby, everything is new and fascinating! If they wake up in the middle of the night because they need a diaper change or feeding, you should avoid appearing too energetic. Rather than talking too much to your baby, focus on calmly comforting them before tucking them back into bed. Save the excitement and playtime for the morning when the two of you can enjoy it.


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