Renovation Projects To Tackle Before the Holidays

Many families have more to do than ever to prepare for the holiday season. Some shop for holiday gifts, while others are preparing to invite family into their homes. If you’re busy prepping for your family’s arrival this holiday season, you may feel the need to spruce up your home. With just weeks left until the holidays, you might not know what to prioritize for your last-minute redesigns. Here are some examples of renovation projects to tackle before the holidays to get you started.

Transform Your Entryway

Many households have family members coming to visit over the holiday season. Welcome them into your home with a fresh, new entryway design. If the entryway to your home is feeling a bit bland, try giving it a boost of warmth with a new rug, new decor, and more. You can also embrace the festivities of the holiday season by featuring holiday decorations like lights and signs. Some more rustic choices like wood accents, plants, and DIY jars can add a nice farmhouse design as well.

renovation projects

Refinish Your Cabinets

With the holiday season comes many delicious meals to share with family. You’ll be doing a lot of cooking and eating, which means you’ll have lots of eyes on your kitchen surfaces. If you’ve been planning a kitchen update, now might be the time to do it. One of the best places to start is with your kitchen cabinets—or any cabinets throughout your home. If you already have modern cabinets that just need a little bit more life, try sanding them down and repainting them, re-staining them, or refinishing them.

Adding More Storage

If you have family coming to stay for the holidays, now is the time to install more storage around your home. If you’re trying to declutter your home before company arrives, adding more storage is also helpful for storing away everyday messes. You can install extra shelving or items like garment rods in any room for a quick storage solution.

Impress your family with a fresh look using any of these renovation projects to tackle before the holidays. Any of these projects will make your home feel more spacious, warmer, and more welcoming than ever.


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