Road Trip Activities To Keep Kids From Getting Bored

Summer is the perfect time to hit the open road and explore all the options this country offers. However, keeping them entertained is crucial if you’re traveling with young children, so they don’t get bored.

The last thing you want on your road trip is to hear the phrase, “Are we there yet?” every five minutes. Thankfully, there are a variety of road trip activities to keep your kids from getting bored.

Let Them Help Plan

If your children are old enough, involve them in the planning process. Show them a map of your route and let them help plot out the stops you’ll make along the way. This interaction will make the trip more exciting and give them a sense of ownership.

They’ll be more likely to stay interested if they feel they had a hand in planning the adventure. You can also let your kids help you pack the car or prepare the RV for summer so that they feel especially involved.

Bring Along Games

Games are a wonderful way to pass the time on a road trip. But instead of packing the traditional board games, get creative and develop some road-themed games.

For example, you can play “I Spy” using only things you can see out the window or come up with a list of questions about the places you’ll visit.

You can also find several road trip games online. Here are some examples of games you can play.

  • The License Plate Game: See how many different license plates you can spot during your trip.
  • 20 Questions: One person thinks of an object, person, or place, and the others take turns asking 20 yes or no questions to try to guess what it is.
  • Simon Says: A classic game that you can play anywhere.
  • The Alphabet Game: Find things out the window in alphabetical order.

Make Some Music

Music sets the tone for your trip and keeps everyone entertained. Create a road trip playlist before you leave and let everyone choose a few songs to add.

If you’re traveling with young children, consider downloading some audio books or educational podcasts. These books and podcasts can be a fantastic way to entertain and educate them simultaneously.

Take Advantage of Technology

If you’re traveling with teenagers, they’re likely to get antsy without access to their phones or other devices. To avoid arguments, devise a plan for how they can use their devices while on the road.

If you’re driving for long stretches, let them use their devices while someone else is behind the wheel. Bring along a portable charger so you can keep their devices charged, and make sure to download any movies or shows they want to watch before you lose service.

These are just a few ideas to keep your kids from getting bored on your road trip. With some planning, you can ensure that everyone has a great time. Make sure to take breaks and explore new places along the way!

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