Save and Splurge : Busy Mom Wardrobe Edition

Looking great is all well and good, but when you have to spend most of your day chasing a toddler around, it can be tough to pull off. Not to mention that funds for clothes shopping seem to whittle away into almost nothing once Baby comes along! The good news is that despite the challenges of being a mom, it is indeed possible to look good, and not pay out a fortune to do so. If you splurge on the right things, and make savings when you can, that is. You can even get some sage advice on just this topic, in my post below about the mom wardrobe.

mom wardrobe
Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

Save on cardigans

The first thing on your mommy wardrobe list should be a good cardigan or two. Now, I’m not talking about lambswool versions that are tight-knit, unforgiving, and a right pain in the bum to wash. Instead, opt for something chunky and oversized in a looser knit that won’t bend out of shape after 10 minutes of wear.

Also, if you can, choose an open cardigan rather than one that buttons up and front. The reason being that not only do they look a lot more flattering, but they are a great layering piece that you can throw on as you head out the door as well.

When it comes to cost, cardigans are a garment you can make some serious savings on too. Either shop for them in the sales or go for lower price high street brands which won’t cost you your life’s savings when it comes time to replace them.

Splurge on sneakers

I don’t care how much you insist! I know in my heart that sneakers weren’t initially designed for athletes, but moms instead. After all, who needs flat shoes, that have cushioned soles, and look great more than a mum of a toddler?

With your comfort and foot health in mind, sneakers are most definitely an item that is well worth investing in. You only need to think of how long you spend on your feet all day to see why!

The good news is that you don’t even need to leave your home to buy a great pair of sneakers, as you can select and buy them online. You can even click here to get more information on this, not to mention, see a whole range of designs. Something that will ensure you can find the perfect pair, no matter what your style.

Save on scarves

Scarves! Scarves are fabulous, not only do they protect your neck in the cold, but they can liven up even the plainest of outfits as well. Of course, just like with any clothing item, you can find some scarves at silly prices. Indeed, there are designer versions like the Hermes silk square that will set you back a whopping AU$520!

However, unless you’re game to hop on eBay and snag a vintage version at a bargain price (be careful as there are plenty of convincing-looking fakes!), it’s best to opt for a money-saving version instead. Once again, high street stores will be your go-to here. However, you may even find a bargain or two in your local charity store. Just be sure to give it a good wash and airing before it makes it into your wardrobe.

Splurge on dresses

What can’t a good dress do? They hug the bits we love, and hide the bits we don’t! They can be worn with leggings in the winter and without in summer. You can even dress them up or down as you require. 

mom wardrobe
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

That is why it’s always best to splurge at least a little on a couple of good dresses per season. Indeed, if you choose well, you can wear them year on year. Oh, and the more you pay for this type of item, the more likely it will be to wash and wear well, which means much less ironing for already busy moms!

Splurge on leggings

Whoever invented leggings deserves a medal in my book. The things are so comfy that you barely feel that you are wearing them. They also go great with the dresses as mentioned above, longer tops or pretty much anything else you want to team them with.

However, do you know what is not a good look? Yep, that’s right those leggings that are made of such thin material that you might as well not be wearing them. Indeed, they can make for some embarrassing situations, mostly if someone gets stuck behind you on the escalator.

To that end, splurging on good quality legging is always the better option. Be sure to get ones that are both soft to the touch for comfort but are also lovely and thick and so cover all the bits they need to.

Be sure to try them on to check the sizes as well, as bagging knees are not the look! Opting for sustainably-sourced cotton leggings is a great idea as well as then you know you will be doing your bit for the environment too!

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