Saving Money As A Home Educator

As inflation rises and the cost of living grows due to all of the seismic changes and shifting landscapes presented to us by the news, it’s true to say that everyone is feeling the pinch. For this reason, home educators who work hard towards providing their full creative and diligent know-how towards giving their children the best start in life are, unfortunately, having to think of ways to curate the resources they need.

Of course, this is rarely aided by subsidy or income, as most home educators will never earn or receive financial recompense for their decision to do this. While it’s possible to claim a stipend for the care of a disabled child, this is rarely factored into your own home educator funding. 

While saving money as a home educator is not always easy, it can be done. In this post, we’ll discuss a few measures you can use to help you achieve exactly that. This, combined with larger financial management techniques such as using compare credit for loan quotes, can help you get the best possible start:

Bulk-Purchasing Raw Materials

The raw tools and materials you will need to home educate, be that paper, exercise books, arts and crafts material, stationery, and more, all add up in cost over time. It might be that bulk purchasing items for discounts – such as 100 pencils or pens at a time, can set you up for the home school year and save you a fair amount over time. Additionally, joining loyalty programs for given retailers may aid you in securing further discounts as necessary. Look for back-to-school sales – especially after the main rush has taken place. You may be able to save more on clearout stock than you imagine.

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Coupons & Vouchers

There are many excellent ways to save money in general when shopping, and these apply to the resources you may need to home school. Using catalog vouchers to purchase course materials can work wonders, of course. Coupons, such as those offered online by providers like Honey or in-built web browser extensions, compared the prices for given products against many digital storefronts, and can possibly help you save plenty when buying more than one item. At the very least, you will be able to compare prices effectively when forecasting your budget.

Promotional Days

A vital part of the home educator’s toolkit involves attending events of note in the local community or traveling to special event experiences such as aquariums, zoos, or museums. In some cases, these will incur a cost, and so waiting until promotional days are on offer can help you visit without having to spend too much in order to do so. In some cases these promotions will coincide with events worth seeing, such as historical re-enactments at your local museum or think tank. Don’t be afraid to make use of these, sure they’re educational, but also tremendous fun for everyone (not that those two are mutually exclusive, of course).


With this advice, we’re certain you’ll save money as a home educator in the best possible way.

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