Self Care Gift Sets For Overworked Moms

It’s not unusual for working moms to have a lot on their plate when they try to balance their careers with family life. Nowadays it’s so easy to get overworked and overwhelmed with responsibilities and obligations. Finding time for ourselves can be a challenge with the demands of work, family, and community life. A busy daily schedule often impedes taking care of ourselves, and that only makes things worse. Neglecting self-care will have unwanted consequences for our overall wellbeing and will also affect our professional and personal life. 

Fitting self-care rituals into your daily program it’s not as difficult as it seems. It is all about creativity. It does not have to be a time or a money-consuming activity. An afternoon at a spa or at your favorite teahouse with your besties can make you feel renewed, but you don’t have time for that every day.

Here are my favorite tips for self-care methods using the power of the elements, you don’t need much for these simple routines. A Self-Care Kit that contains crystals, candles, and a sage bundle with herbs is all you need.

self care

Earth Element

My favorite method to recharge is grounding. Grounding also called earthing, involves doing activities that reconnect us to the earth’s energies. There are several methods for grounding, including walking barefoot or lying on the ground. Crystals are also great tools to reconnect to the energies of the earth. These magnificent stones are the gifts of the earth. Working with them will help you relax and recharge your batteries after an exhausting day. Amethyst is one of the best crystals for relaxation and regeneration. I place my favorite amethyst under my pillow to help me have my beauty sleep.

Meditate with crystals – this is the best and one of the simplest ways to de-stress and recharge. Set up an area in your home or workspace where you can sit quietly and focus on the energy of the crystal. 

When you want to enjoy the energy of your favorite stones for a longer time, wear crystal jewelry. My favorite jewelry pieces are the chakra bracelets with crystals for each chakra.


Water Element

Taking better care of yourself leads to a life that is more fulfilling. Swimming in the ocean or going to a spa will make you relax and get into your inner space of peace. When that’s not an option, use the regenerating power of the water by soaking in a hot bath. Scented candles, bath salt, and essential oils will help you create a spa-like atmosphere in your own bathroom. Pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine and enjoy your moments of tranquility.


self care


Fire Element

On dark autumn and winter nights, there’s nothing as comforting as sitting by the fire. The crackling fire sounds are so relaxing. If you don’t have a fireplace, light some candles, lay down, and progressively relax your body. The focus on each part of your body relaxing will quiet your mind chatter and prepare your body for a restful sleep.


Air Element

I’m usually up early, so I use this time to go out for a short walk to take some fresh air and clear my mind. My day runs smoother when I start it with this morning routine. I also like to clear the air in my home with sage-smudging, it relaxes me while I’m doing it and clears the space from negative energies.

These are my self-care tips that hopefully will inspire you to think about your own self-care routine. You’ll be surprised how less stressed you are as you start to include a few simple self-care routines into your life. 

About the author: Xenia Mateiu is the owner of the Village Rock Shop, a small business where she puts a lot of time, energy, and dedication.  In her shop you’ll find a carefully selected collection of crystals, the best quality raw, rough, tumbled, faceted, polished gemstones along with a wide variety of, spiritual gifts. She offers assistance in selecting the right crystals for the actual moment of your life journey, each crystal having its own unique healing and purifying properties.

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