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I love heels, I really do…except for the blisters, the achy feet, the constant clicking noise when walking…wait, why do I love heels so much? Ahh, that’s right, they make me look and feel fabulous! Now, if we could only take care of the pinching, and blisters, and achy feet, and once and for all make quiet heels; that would be fantastic! Well, ladies, our prayers for such a heel have been answered! Introducing Shh-oes by Mary Arnett…beautiful, well-made heels, that have eliminated all the issues that regular heels give us!

Quiet heels

Not only are these heels beautifully made, but they are far more comfortable than any pair of heels that I have ever owned. These heels are fit tested on real women, so you know that they not only fit well but are comfortable. In addition, each pair is made with “blister free” moldable leather and lycra lining, and have a memory foam insole. Plus, they are safer! Have you ever been wearing your heels, and slipped on nothing? It happens all the time…not with Shh-oes. These are made with a non-slip, shock absorbing rubber sole, and the patent pending noise reducing heel lift; it stops the clickity clickity of regular heels!


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