Should You Let Your Aging Parents Live at Home Alone?

While many adults hate to admit it, certain tasks become harder to do independently with every passing year. If your older parents still live on their own, you might wonder if it’s time for them to move in with you or to a facility that can help care for them.

No one likes to decide whether their aging parents should live at home alone anymore, but you may need to be part of this discussion. Here are some signs to look out for that can help you all make the best possible decision.

Signs They Shouldn’t Live Alone

Let’s start this discussion by reviewing some of the more common warning signs that indicate your parents would benefit from living with others.

They’ve Experienced a Bad Injury

Seniors are prone to many in-home injuries when living on their own. If they’ve experienced any injuries that have sent them to the hospital, this is a clear sign that your parents would benefit from having someone else at home with them. After one incident occurs, more are likely to follow.

They’re Not Paying Bills Anymore

It’s not uncommon for aging parents to be short on cash from time to time. Missing the occasional bill or two is OK, especially if they know to reach out to you for help. However, if they’re late on most of their bills, that’s a sign they need help.

They Don’t Clean Up Around the House

One of the most significant signs that an aging parent should no longer live at home alone is if they are no longer taking care of their home. Sometimes, this messiness comes from a lack of care, but it could also mean they no longer have the physical strength to finish certain tasks. If they can’t care for their home, they might struggle to take care of themselves as well.

Signs They Can Still Live Independently

Despite these issues, there are still plenty of signs that your parents might still be fine on their own. Look for these signs if you want to reassure yourself that they’re OK.

They’re Still Active and Healthy

Seniors who stay active and try to eat healthily can often take care of themselves. Even if they had a bad fall recently, recovering quickly and returning to their routine may indicate that they’re OK to live independently.

They Still Have a Social Life

If they still have an active social life, your parents are likely thriving at home. If they go out with friends or family often, they have the energy to socialize and maintain their home for company.

They’re Genuinely Happy

Finally, if your aging parents still seem genuinely happy with their lives, they’re probably fine to live on their own. Parents who need assistance tend to show signs of their frustrations or struggles. Some try to hide it, but you’re their child—encourage open communication so that you can make the best choice as a family.

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