Summer Roadtrip; Beach hopping in Maine

Few things say summer like taking a roadtrip and hitting up the beach. Taking a summer roadtrip can be a lot of fun; exploring new places, trying new foods, and enjoying each others company.

Hitting the beach along the way? well, that’s just the cherry on top. Most people are familiar with the beaches along the Florida Coast, the Gulf Coast, and California Coast…even if they have never visited them. But there are tons of other great beach destinations to choose from.

Maine has its own reputation…Lobster anyone? However, they have a nice little collection of great beach destinations of their own. All within driving distance of Brunswick, which also happens to be the home of Bodwell Chrysler Jeep Dodge, After all, you can’t roadtrip without a car, and Bodwell has a great selection of the perfect beach cruising vehicles.

Ready for your beach hopping roadtrip?

Old Orchard Beach:

a seven-mile strand with a classic pier and a waterfront amusement park, arcades, and fireworks. This beach screams summer fun, nostalgia, and family. Definitely a beach that has to be on your list!

summer roadtrip

Ogunquit Beach:

3.5 miles of white sandy beach, with little to no rocks, a gentle surf, and tons of family fun! Beaches that have no rocks get an A+ in my book. You can stroll the beautiful beach, take in the surf and the sun, and wade in the water with your little ones!

summer roadtrip


Reid State Park:

Maine’s First State-owned Salt-Water beach. Wide sandy beaches, and huge sand dunes. Not to mention the nesting site of endangered shorebirds. This is a great choice, especially if you are planning this roadtrip with your kiddos. Surf, sand, and sun aside; the educational aspect of this beach makes it a must-see destination!

summer roadtrip


These are just three of the great beaches in Maine, that you can visit during your summer roadtrip; with many more along the way. So start planning your route; head on into Bodwell Chrysler Jeep Dodge and pick the perfect beach hopping vehicle; then make the most of your summer roadtrip!

My suggestion? get a Jeep…not only does Bodwell have a great selection of them, but they are great beach riders thanks to the 4×4 capabilities. Not to mention, you can pop off the hardtop, and stash your surfboards! Not a surfer? that’s ok, pile the family in, and go for a drive down the beach, camp under the stars, and make some awesome summer memories!




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