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Throughout my life, I have been told to “take my vitamins” but truth be told, I didn’t really start taking my vitamins on a daily basis until recently…within the last 2 years recently! I am not a fan of things that taste “vitaminy” and I found that multivitamins are the ones that taste the most “vitaminy”. Add in the fact that your average vitamin is HUGE, and well, you can see why they might turn people off.

Thankfully, I have found Superior Source Vitamins, and I don’t think I will ever go back to regular vitamins. Superior Source Vitamins MicroLingual®–“Under the Tongue Technology”. These TINY tablets work fast and are quickly absorbed into the body, dissolving in seconds–NO pills to swallow! Supplements that are swallowed lose as much as 50% of the potency in the high acid environment of the stomach.


  • No pills to swallow–large or small!
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-FREE, Sugar-FREE
  • 90% smaller than regular vitamins
  • No chemical binders, No excessive fillers
  • Preservative FREE, Dye FREE
  • No water necessary
  • No coatings, No additives
  • No magnesium stearate or silica
  • Dissolves under the tongue for better absorption
  • Clean and pure–the way nature intended!


These vitamins don’t have the weird taste that I have come to associate with vitamins, and they dissolve quickly! No chugging water hoping that the giant pill doesn’t get stuck in your throat. I am so thankful that Superior Source Vitamins sent me these vitamins. I received B-12, D3, K-2, Vitamin C Orange Melts, Melatonin, and Children’s Echinacea & Zinc Lozenges.

I love how TINY these pills are, it definitely makes them much easier to take! They are quite literally smaller than the tip of your finger!

Now, I have two announcements! First, Superior Source Vitamins is offering my readers (that’s you, awesome peeps!) an additional 10% off of their vitamins, which are already marked down by 25%! Yep, you read that right…a total of 35% off of their vitamins!! Just visit CVC4Health.com, and use Coupon Code BLVITAMINS10 at checkout!

Second Announcement! Superior Source Vitamins is giving me a set of vitamins to give away to one of you! Just scroll down to enter! https://mamadews.com/taking-part-in-self-care/


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