How Homeschooling May Benefit Your Autistic Child

Your child is unique, and although a diagnosis of ASD (autism spectrum disorder) is frightening, there are options to help

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Homeschooling Autism Tips and Tricks For Success

Homeschooling often provides the most conducive environment for children with autism to succeed. Of course, even within the homeschool environment,

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Don’t forget the world map when decorating your homeschool classroom!

When I first took on the task of homeschooling my son, I set about getting all the things that I

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Reading Skills; how to improve them quickly.

*This post contains affiliate links, clicking a link may result in me receiving a payment from this brand* Reading skills

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Homeschooling Autism: Week in Review, January 2 – 6 #LakeshoreLearning

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a good week, with the kids returning to school, whether public or homeschooled.

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