Teachers everywhere…I support you!

There has been a lot of talk lately, of teachers going on strike, and walking out. To be honest, I can’t say that I blame them; in fact, I SUPPORT them!

Every single day, across the Country, teachers wake up early to head into a school to help mold the next generation. Sadly, they get little to no assistance and even less respect. These are the people who are trying to instill a love of learning into our kids while being met with resistance from all sides.

They are spending their own money to stock their classrooms full of supplies because they know that they will have students that can’t afford their own. They do this, in spite of the fact that they can barely afford it themselves.

The truth is, most teachers go above and beyond for their students AND their families; even if that respect is not returned. They are attacked by parents for failing their child, even if it is their child’s fault; scrutinized by School Boards and Lawmakers; forced to teach all their students the same way, even though they don’t all learn the same way. The list goes on and on…

People outside of the profession criticize them daily; calling them glorified babysitters, questioning their ability to teach, and assuming that once the school bell rings that their day is over. In actuality, it is far from over. There are lesson plans and papers to grade, just to name a few things that still have to happen outside of the classroom.

Summer vacation? no, not really. If you are fool enough to think that teachers make enough to just sit around over the summer and do nothing, then you aren’t paying attention. Most teachers are taking on several jobs to make ends meet, and take care of their own families. This doesn’t just happen over the summer either, this is year round!

Some of you might be asking why I care so much; “don’t you homeschool? why do you care?” Well, yes I do homeschool my son, but my daughter goes to public school. Although, even if she didn’t I would still care, because I have friends that teach.

Speaking of homeschooling, I have questioned some of the people who have been the loudest critics of teachers. “if you think teachers have it easy, why not teach, or homeschool?” Funny, the answer is always “I don’t have the patience to homeschool my kid” Interesting…

Yet, teachers are expected to teach up to 27 students at a time or more, depending on what part of the Country you are in. These students come from a variety of backgrounds, have different learning abilities, come from broken homes, and even have some behavioral issues. Still, teachers are expected to perform to State Standards, reach every student, make sure none are left behind; plus, they have to do it on a limited income, and with patience that most people don’t even have with their own children.

These are the people who take what little is handed to them, and still, find ways to make it work for everyone. They are the ones that comfort your child when they are hurt; take the time to message you when your kiddo is out sick, just to see how they are feeling; cry for these kids when they know they are broken and need someone to just show that they care; and the ones that cry at the end of the year, because they are going to miss your kids.

With everything that teachers do every day for our kids, the least we can do is show them a little appreciation and understanding. So, when they say they need better pay, instead of belittling them and calling them names; LISTEN. They are trying to do what is best for their classrooms and their students.

Teachers everywhere, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the time, and effort you put into caring for and teaching, not only my children but every one of the kiddos that come through your classroom door. I fully support you, and would gladly walk beside you when you demand a better wage. You have my respect <3


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