Tech Gifts to Consider This Holiday Season

For the child that needs a bit of stimulation to get them to focus and feel at ease, there are a lot of tech gadgets out there that can capture a child’s attention span, teach them, and stimulate them in ways that make them feel safe and feel comfortable. With the gift-giving season fastly approaching, here are a few tech gifts to consider this holiday season. 

The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has a lot of great features that help keep kids and adults stimulated and focused. With its vastly popular exercise software, people can spend their days focusing on their calories, their standing time, and their exercise minutes as their day progresses in the spirit of closing all three rings. 

Other Apple Watch wearers can join in competitions with each other to stay active. The walkie-talkie feature allows watches to be used like walkie-talkies so parents and children can stay in constant contact with each other. The Apple Watch keeps users engaged and helps them stay healthy at the same time. 


Drones are a great gift to give someone who likes to hyperfocus on a task. With a drone, a user can plot out a plan of action and map out a route, and then use their drone to explore other surrounding areas and know what it is to start and finish something. This is a great gift to have if you want to plan a scavenger hunt where the drone is used to find items. 

DJI is coming out with the newest and latest technology when it comes to drones. They have drones that can enter buildings, get higher than before, and have sharper camera images for learning a new terrain. Technology at this level can help educate in new ways and help keep children’s minds stimulated. Learn more about drones by doing a quick internet search. 

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Earbuds are a great gift to a child that enjoys the stimulation of music for long periods of time. A lot of children on the Autism spectrum find that aural stimulation like music and ASMR helps their minds to remain quiet and focused throughout their day. Companies like Ultimate Ears make earbuds that can perfectly mold to your ears for comfort.

If someone in your life requires a long period of aural stimulation, then getting these earbuds is perfect. They will feel so comfortable that the user won’t even realize they are wearing them and the flow of music will remain constant giving them all they need to have a pleasant day without any hiccups or hurdles to jump. 

Portable Speakers

Portable speakers have become more and more popular over time because when there is a gathering of people, no one wants to have to use their own phone for the music. Besides, a phone can only project sound so far before no one can hear it anymore. With a portable speaker, you are able to fill any area with sound. 

Sonos makes a great portable speaker that adapts to your surroundings. The speaker picks up on other sounds in the area that may cause music to drown out, and the speaker readjusts itself so that your music or any videos you are watching come out crystal clear so there is never an interruption. Also, this allows you to use your phone even if others are listening to music. 

Home Security Cameras

Not only do home security cameras keep you safe from intruders or anyone who tries to do something nefarious around your home, but home cameras can also help you keep an eye on the ones you love while they are at home. A lot of young adults on the Autism spectrum must be allowed to be independent. For parents that can be hard, but with a home camera, parents can keep a watchful eye from afar. 

This also gives those who are home some peace of mind because they know that they are never really alone and there is someone to help or check on them at a moment’s notice. Google Nest makes a high-quality at-home camera that is perfect for parents and young adults who want to establish their own space without being intrusive.

Ray-Ban Stories

The future is here with Ray-Ban Stories. Not only does Ray-Ban make a great pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the sun, but the sunglasses are also a camera that can record video. This is great for the budding filmmaker or a child who requires a creative outlet at all times.

Wearers of the Ray-Ban Stories can easily make small videos about what they are doing throughout their day and share their experiences with their parents, their friends, or on a YouTube channel. This keeps wearers engaged with their surroundings, keeps their minds active and focused, and gives them a creative outlet where they can express themselves freely. 

Tile Pro

The Tile Pro helps you to keep track of stuff. This gift is very helpful for the person who can’t seem to keep a handle on their things. Many parents buy these for their children because they are relatively inexpensive and they will help parents retrieve lost items instead of shelling out more money to buy something new. 

Tile Pro can be used for house keys, cell phones, bags, and just about anything else that can easily get lost in the fray of everyday travel and socializing. For a small price, parents and adults will save themselves a lot of money by constantly replacing important items that are needed for everyday life. 

Nintendo Switch

It’s small, it can be taken anywhere, and with games that are both educational and entertaining, the person in your life who thrives when playing video games will love this. Nintendo has a large library of games to choose from and they can be purchased online through the cloud so you won’t have to worry about finding physical space for games. 


This list is just a few ideas, there are plenty more out there, but here is a good place to start.

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