The Attributes of a Good Contractor

In an industry so often associated with grift and broken promises, it’s vital that homeowners be careful when they hire a contractor. You want someone who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and well-reviewed. Read on to learn how to spot the attributes of a good contractor.


Some people are so passionate that it radiates off them. When you talk to them about their work, their faces light up, and they can speak for hours on end about the challenges, obstacles, successes, and opportunities of their career. If you’re lucky enough to find a contractor with these characteristics, hold onto them and never let them go. They will be more likely to deliver high-quality work more consistently than their competition. 


More than anything, you want a contractor that follows through on their promises. If your contractor is vague about when they will complete a task or unwilling to sign a contract that’s a sign they may rip you off. Contractors should never be cagey or uncertain when it comes to discussing business. Make sure yours is upfront and reliable before moving forward.

The Attributes of a Good Contractor

High Recommendations

Just like you would before you invest in any major purchase, you should do some research before you hire a contractor. Thankfully, there are many online review sites where you can check out how previous clients felt about a contractor’s work. Furthermore, if the contractor is entirely above book, they should be able to give you contacts from previous jobs that can vouch for their abilities.

Technically Proficient

Of course, a good contractor must have the technical know-how to complete the job. When a contractor comes to your home for the first time, see if they’re asking you questions specific to your problem. Watch how they interact with the space. Do they measure it? Can they speak about similar problems they’ve faced? If they are promising a lot but doing very little, it’s a red flag that they may not possess the attributes of a good contractor.

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