The Best Natural Ways To Relieve Stress

It isn’t always possible to control the stress that comes into our lives, but by changing how we react to stressful situations, we can help ourselves stay healthier. Stress has a hugely negative impact on our health, causing high blood pressure and leading to strokes, diabetes, obesity, and heart problems, including heart attacks. So reducing or relieving stress as much as possible is something everyone should be aiming to do. Here are some great ways to relieve stress naturally.  


Exercise is one of the very best ways to relieve stress. Exercising is good for your health, of course, but when it comes to stress, it reduces the amount of cortisol (the stress hormone) and replaces it with serotonin (the happy hormone). Doing exercise will immediately make you feel happier and less stressed. Yoga has been proven to have similar benefits to cardio workouts, so for those who perhaps don’t enjoy or aren’t able to do strenuous exercise, yoga is a great alternative (or addition). Yoga offers a way to fully relax and be in the moment, so you’re not worrying about what’s happened or what is coming next. 


Therapy can help people who have a lot of stress learn more about what causes and triggers their stress. This can sometimes help them find solutions or make changes to their lives that will help them feel less stressed. Therapy can also help people learn healthy and effective ways to deal with stress, such as specific ways to relax to lower stress and fun activities that can help relieve it.

 There are many different types of therapy, but many people find that DBT therapy is the one that works well for them. DBT is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that has been changed (CBT). Its primary objectives are to teach people how to live in the present, find healthy ways to deal with stress, control their emotions, and improve their connections with others.

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Meditation is a wonderful way to relieve stress. It helps you to deal with anxiety and worry and aids you in finding peace of mind. The great thing about meditation is that it can be practiced at any time of the day or night – you don’t need special equipment or a teacher, or a particular place to go. You can be lying in bed, sitting on the sofa, out in the garden, or anywhere else where you can have a few quiet moments to yourself. Clear your mind of worries, and when you finish your meditation, you’ll feel better about everything. The problems may not have disappeared, but they will seem much less significant, and you may even have managed to come up with a solution. 

 Eat Well 

Eating a good, healthy, balanced diet is another way to reduce stress levels. If you are getting all of the nutrients and essential minerals and vitamins that your body needs, it will heal itself, regulating your blood pressure and keeping your mind active and clear. The best foods for stress relief include foods that have a lot of vitamin B in them (dairy products, eggs, beef, poultry, and leafy vegetables, for example), foods high in calcium, and foods high in protein.

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