The Best Places for Outdoor Lighting Around Your Home

Don’t let the darkness of the night end your outdoor fun! There are several places you can add lighting outside to create a safer and more beautiful house. Continue reading to learn about the best places for outdoor lighting around your home.

Illuminate Pathways

No one likes coming home to a dark house. Luckily for you, path lighting is perfect for illuminating driveways and various walkways. These small lights are solar-powered and feature a small stake that makes them easy to place into the ground. The aesthetic appearance and dim lighting of these small items make a huge difference.

Brighten the Front Entrance

If you already have an illuminated walkway to the front entrance, you might think you don’t need any additional lighting. However, this is one area where you may want even more lighting! Most homes have small lights near the door, but it’s easy to forget to turn them on before coming home.

Instead, place a few lanterns on either side of the doormat. This design choice is a rustic, classic approach that brings a home’s interior style to its exterior. Brighten the plants with spotlights or mini floodlights. The greenery will always look radiant at night!

Light Around the Fence

It’s becoming more popular to include lighting on the top posts or exterior walls of fences. This safety precaution increases visibility and limits potential intruders. When you hear a strange noise at night and look outside into the dark, the fence lights will brighten the space and make you feel safer inside your home.

Highlight Outdoor Features

Spotlighting highlights the landscaping features in both the front and backyards. When you want to showcase a plant or a gorgeous feature, spotlighting is the perfect solution! Not only will it attract eyes to your home’s landscaping, but it will also keep your home a safer place by providing additional lighting.

You can reap the benefits of installing outdoor lighting around your home in more ways than one! Following this helpful guide to the best place for outdoor lighting is the first step to take before starting your shopping adventures to find the perfect lighting options!

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