The Best Places To Donate Your Crafts

When you have the privilege of learning a skill or developing a hobby, sharing those talents with others can make a world of difference. Sewing, quilting, and crafting are all hobbies that can create unique gifts that make a significant and positive impact. In this blog, we’ll share the best places to donate your crafts.


Hospitals are one of the best places to donate your crafts because your gifts can reach a wide range of people. Whether they distribute your donations to a child receiving cancer treatment or a mother recovering from a mastectomy, your crafts can genuinely make a difference in someone’s day.

If you are an avid quilter, consider stitching together bright and colorful fabrics to make blankets for patients. If you prefer to knit or crotchet your crafts, try creating hats to donate to your hospital’s cancer unit. The comfort you could offer to your local hospital patients is endless.

best places to donate your crafts

Homeless Shelters

Freezing winter seasons are a difficult time for those who can’t afford hats or mittens. If you’re fortunate enough to know how to craft your own winter accessories, consider donating some of your creations to your local homeless shelter. Gifting a pair of mittens or a scarf could brighten someone’s day and help keep them warm.

Regardless of the season, shelters always need donations and might greatly benefit from having your homemade gifts ready to give to those in need. Whether you make warm winter accessories or colorful tote bags, your contributions will make a difference.

Animal Shelters

Want to donate but don’t have enough fabrics or supplies? There are many different projects to make with fabric scraps. For example, you might use scraps to make smaller blankets or bandanas for your local animal shelter. 

Animal shelters are always in need of any available supplies to support their pets. If you’re not sure how to make a gift from your scraps of fabric, simply donate the material itself. Shelters are happy to accept fabric pieces for cleaning rags.

Crafting skills and hobbies can genuinely make a difference in someone’s life. With so many different people needing simple necessities, there’s no reason not to find new ways to give back. Consider how your talents could create gifts for others—then you just need to decide where you’d like to donate first.


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