The Best Tools for Washing Your Car

As a discerning mother choosing to homeschool her children, there’s no doubt you like to take charge and care for other aspects of your life with your own two hands. This, of course, may extend to your car. While mechanical work may be outside of your abilities, you can prevent such major issues by doing simple maintenance tasks to keep your vehicle healthy and functional. One such maintenance task is simply taking the time to wash your car. To get the best results, however, ensure you’re using the best tools for washing your car.

Wash Cloths and Soap

The best tools for washing your car are often the simplest ones. Some common but misguided advice is that dish soap is ideal for washing your car, but dish soap is often a bit too harsh on cars and will strip away the protective layers that come with car detailing, such as wax. Seek out soap specifically made for cars for the best car washing results. Furthermore, you should wash your car using an appropriate washcloth for your car rather than a typical rag or towel, as those may be too abrasive and could potentially scratch the paint.

Best Tools for Washing Your Car

Clay Bar and Wax

Some additional tools you should use include a clay bar and wax. Clay bars are used before you wash your car to remove embedded dirt and debris from the exterior of your car. This allows you to have a more thorough clean, as soap and water aren’t always enough to get rid of every contaminant. Lingering contaminants can thus become larger issues later on when rust and corrosion take hold. After you’ve cleaned your car, however, you should apply a fresh coat of wax. Not only does this make your car look glossy and refreshed, but it also provides a protective layer against environmental circumstances like the sun’s UV rays from dulling the paint. 

Vacuum and Interior Protectant

After you’ve finished your car’s exterior, you’ll then move on to the interior. A vacuum will be necessary to clean up the floor and upholstery of your car from all the grime and dirt that is tracked into your car on a daily basis. After you’ve vacuumed up and cleaned the interior, an interior protectant is a wise investment. Not only does it shield the interior from dirt and damage, but it can be removed from the car to make it so much easier to clean in the future.

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