The Emergency Contact List You Need When Driving

No one likes to think about the prospect of getting into a car accident. We know they happen, we just don’t like to admit they can happen to us. However, it’s important to be prepared for them. One way is to make sure you know who to call when they happen. Here is a list of emergency contact you should have available to help you deal with any accidents you have on the road

The emergency services

You may not need to make a call to 911 for a fender bender, but reporting it to the police and getting medical help is important. Indeed, in some states, it can be illegal to not report any collision with the police. However, more important is that you get yourself checked out by a doctor as soon as possible. The injuries caused by many collisions can be hard to see or feel, initially.

Your insurance company

It’s not illegal to not report a collision to your auto insurance provider. However, it can make it a lot harder to fail to report it soon after the accident. If you want to make a claim, your provider should have a record of the incident as soon as possible. If they hear about it from another insurance provider or as part of a legal case, it can hurt your ability to get the damages of the collision paid for.

emergency contact
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Some legal help

If you’re not at fault but likely to pay for repairs, replacements, or medical bills, you may want to make sure the right parties are held responsible. The sooner you get in touch with a talented group of car accident lawyers, the better. They can help you gather evidence and make sure that the case begins as speedily as possible so that you’re not faced with all manner of costly delays.

A roadside assistance service

If your car is left on the side of the road, then you will naturally want to have it taken to a nearby garage to get fixed. Having a roadside assistance service that you can call up will get those wheels turning even more quickly. Of course, you should make sure that any photos for evidence are taken before the car is moved and that any emergency responders on the scene are finished before the car is taken away.

Friends and family

Getting into an accident on the road can very well lead to psychological trauma. It can be good to hear a familiar voice to offer support and listen to you. What’s more, if you are held up by an accident, you may want to let people know that you’re okay, first and foremost.


A good way to make sure that these people are always accessible is to keep a phone that is topped up and turned off in the glove compartment at all times. That way, even if your own phone is dead, you can get in touch with the emergency contact you have on the other one.

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