Fall Instantly In Love With The Instant Pot Of Your Dreams

instant pot
Image by Spencer Davis: CC0 License

As a busy mom, the chances are that you find mealtimes a struggle. At some stage between getting the kids home and settled, helping with their homework, and resolving inevitable sibling disputes, you’re expected to cook a nutritious meal fit for any restaurant.

We don’t know about you, but that seems like a feat possible only for someone with more than two hands! Sadly, while you may be a Super Mom, you have yet to learn the skill of growing additional limbs (oh, if only). That can leave you despairing cooking every night, but we’re here with the fantastic news that it needn’t be that way. 

In truth, there is a cooking addition that’s pretty much as good as additional limbs, and that’s the seemingly modest instant pot. While this may take up space on your already crowded sides, trust us when we say that it’s the best investment you could make. And, we’re going to look at why. 


Easier access to balanced meals

Keeping your family stocked with balanced, nutritious meals is likely a pressing priority. Sadly, it’s a goal that’s always easier said than done when you’ve already got 500 hundred things to tackle. Before you know it, freezer meals could become much more common than you’d like. Until you get an instant pot, of course. With very little prep and no time over the stove, this investment alone could see you creating nutritional feasts that are typically easier than even frozen creations. Whether you want to make Shoyu chicken at home, create fantastic chili, or go all-out healthy with a stir-fry, your instant pot can make it happen. That’s what we call magic.

The chance to cook in batch

It’s no secret that batch cooking can come to the rescue when you’re on a tight schedule, but it isn’t always the easiest goal to achieve. After all, batch cooking in itself takes time you don’t have. As much as you’d love to have plenty of food reserves, then, the goal remains out of reach. Until, of course, you invest in an instant pot. With this handy piece of equipment, you can cook double of each meal for freezer storage without extra work. Then, even nights when you turn to the freezer for easy solutions needn’t mean unhealthy options.


Less cleaning up

If finding time to cook wasn’t hard enough, you also have to deal with cleaning at the end of it. Talk about adding salt to the wound! As much as you might try to get your kids engaged, the chances are that most of that washing up falls on you, and that’s another setback you don’t need. Admittedly, the instant pot isn’t going to altogether remove your need to clean up, with chopping boards and your pot itself in need of attention. But, you will still be able to kiss goodbye to countless pots and pans for a cleaning process that takes less than half the time, leaving you to enjoy evenings with your family at last.

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