The leather belt that launched a new company

Men’s fashion has changed a lot over the last few decades, and it hasn’t been for the better. At least not where those that dress to impress are concerned. The times of suits and ties as everyday wear seems to have been replaced with suits and ties only for work. Additionally, there is one item that people seem to have forgotten all about; the leather belt.

In actuality, I think belts have been completely forgotten by a vast majority of society. The way the right belt can pull together a wardrobe seems to be a lost art to some. One problem is, in my opinion, belts are either expensive or they just don’t last very long.

Mind you, I am not talking about your basic canvas belt, but a good leather belt. I am not the only one of that opinion, however, and it was the creation of the perfect leather belt, that launched a new company!

Two friends that had a passion for classy, high quality, comfortable, durable, and reasonably priced men’s apparel and accessories, Mark Savini and Fred Davidson put their heads together and created a leather belt that was everything they could have hoped for, and in doing so Mark Fred was born.

leather belt

Mark Fred carries leather belts, and a line of No-Iron dress shirts; both of which can make a mans wardrobe reminiscent of decades gone by; a decade when a man stepped out of the house dressed to impress.

I love their line of belts; They are adjustable and come with a measuring tape so you can get the proper fit. Made a mistake and cut your belt a little too short? No worries, just reach out to them and they will help make it right!

leather belt

Mark Fred doesn’t just want you to buy their belts and shirts, they want to build lasting relationships with you. Through a combination of great products and fantastic customer service, they are dedicated to making a lasting impression.

In addition, all of their products are assembled by hand using the finest materials, with full-grain leather, and buckles forged in steel. They believe that there’s something special about distinctive craftsmanship and that it should be available to everyone.

For more info on Mark Fred, their line of leather belts and more, be sure to follow them on Social Media!

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