The Most Common Furnace and Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes


Do you want to know how you can prevent your air conditioners and your home heating systems from going haywire on you just when you need them most? You do? Good, we got your attention, and you are in the right place!

A lot of people actually mess up their HVACs before they even get the chance to kick them up and start using them on an everyday basis; a lot of these people never even have any idea about what they did! Well, obviously, you want to avoid that kind of sorry fate.

How do you do that? By avoiding the most common, blaringly obvious mistakes that people make when installing their furnaces and air conditioners. We compiled a little list for you to get a crash course on all the don’ts. So let’s jump right in!

Do not camouflage your HVAC system

This is the first mistake that many homeowners make: they give aesthetics priority over functionality. If your HVAC is located somewhere on the exterior of your home, you likely thought about covering the ugly sight of it. Most people do that by planting some shrubbery around the unit. Nope and nope. This prevents proper ventilation and rapidly clogs the system. If you absolutely insist on a green discretion aide, make sure to go through this practical guide before you plant so much as a dandelion.

Do not ignore the weird smells and sounds

This should not even need pointing out; but just in case, we are going to cover some common warning signs that people tend to overlook. Your HVAC making loud noises while working is not a normal thing. Even the bulky ones are engineered to be quiet. While having a professional evaluation performed on-site by an expert from a company such as https://barnettelectrical.com/oklahoma-city-furnace-repair/ might cost you a little, it is still way cheaper than delaying your diagnostics out of wanting to save a dollar. The sooner you figure out the problem, the less you will need to spend on repairs.

Strange smells are not a normal thing either. They are a major red flag and may come out of either the external unit segment or your air and heating vents inside the home. These odors stem from different things: component malfunction, rotten plant clogs, even dead rodents, and birds. Get them checked out ASAP.


Do not skip out on changing your filters

A dirty filter will slow your system down to a crawl or maybe even stop it from working. A clogged filter will most definitely stop your system from working at all. Make a point of checking them out continuously and replacing them whenever they get mucked up. If you tend to be absent-minded about this kind of stuff, make a schedule like you would for, say, doing your taxes or revising your home budget. Consistency is your key ally here.

There are some factors to consider, which may make it necessary to change your filters a little more frequently. Certain micro-environmental factors from your home are more likely to result in dirty or clogged filters. These include pets (cat and dog breeds that shed, or even birds, since they molt); resident or frequently visiting smokers; (the residue particles of carbon, ash, etc. float up on the smoke and land in your filters); the overall dust levels in the home; and the proximity of the air conditioning unit to the kitchen (again, particles floating on smoke and vapor).

Do not ever skimp on annual maintenance

HVAC units may seem like big bundles of bulk, but these are still complex systems and they need to be regularly checked for any issues or inconsistencies by pros; just like we humans need doctors’ appointments to keep the complicated biological machinery of our bodies working at optimum levels. When you purchase and install a furnace or an air conditioner, you will likely be given some estimate as to how long it ought to keep working properly.

This estimated time frame becomes severely shortened with improper care. According to the industry experts at http://downtown-air.com/, routine maintenance can help you maintain and prolong the lifespan of the unit. For the bare minimum of once a year, get a professional to come by and make sure everything is okay. Nowadays any legitimate HVAC related business offers diagnostics and repairs service, along with myriad others. Check out the teams at https://tekclimate.ca/ for example – their website gives a pretty comprehensive overview of what you can count on from your chosen air conditioning service provider. If you want your furnace or AC to last as long as it should, make the effort to give it the kind of care that you should.

Do not install your thermostat near appliances

This is a de facto “glitch spawning spot” for your HVAC. Appliances such as television, computers, lamps, and even smaller ones like game consoles, music players, or wifi routers, all emit significant amounts of heat while working; (and even for a while after you had turned them off for the day). This fools your thermostat into thinking that the home’s temperature is higher than it really is – you basically introduce a reoccurring bug into the system.

This causes the temperature in the home to fluctuate, as the thermostat struggles to figure it out and keep up. In turn, you get inconsistent readings leading to higher energy costs, potentially a freezing home in the winter, and that insufferable irritation of never being able to set the heat (or cooling) levels to be just right.

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