The Most Common Laundry Mistakes

There’s no denying that kids are messy—in a way, it’s part of their charm. Spending time with your kids is always fun, but collecting and doing their laundry after every art project or trip to the park is a lot less enjoyable. You have to treat the paint stains, the mud stains, the food stains, and more. When there’s so much laundry to do, it can be tempting to rush the whole process. But by doing this, you risk the chance of falling into some of the most common laundry mistakes. Here are the errors you should avoid when washing clothes.

Scrubbing Stains

Anytime you see a stain that looks hard to get off, your first reaction is probably to scrub at it with all of your might. You might think that the worse the stain, the more effort you need to put in to get it out. But this isn’t actually the case. The more you scrub a stain, the harder it becomes to remove. Aggressive scrubbing will cause the stain to spread and can wear away at the fabric, making it more likely to tear. Instead of scouring clothing articles, you should dab at their blemished spots with a damp cloth and then toss them into the wash before the stain can set.

common laundry mistakes

Sorting Incorrectly (or Not at All)

Another one of the most common laundry mistakes is sorting the clothing incorrectly or not at all. We’ve all thrown a load of laundry into the wash before without bothering to separate it properly. You’ve probably also ignored the settings on the washing machine. Skipping the sorting is quick and easy, and usually, the laundry turns out okay. This method might work for a short period of time, but eventually, you’ll end up with a load of laundry that turned pink all because of a single renegade red sock. The most common way to sort clothing before washing it is to separate the lights from the darks, but you should also remember to sort by material.  You should wash thicker, heavier materials on a different cycle than thinner, lighter materials, such as chiffon or lace, for the best results.

Forgetting To Clean the Dryer

Most people remember to clean the lint filter, but what about the dryer vent? The dryer vent is an even larger fire hazard than the lint filter. It’s also prone to clogging, which can impact the overall efficiency of your dryer and make the process of drying clothes take longer than it should. Therefore, dryer vent cleaning is a necessity. You can clean your dryer vent alone by detaching the hose and removing the lint. Hiring a professional to handle the job is also an option that’s wonderful if you have a busy schedule or an especially dirty dryer vent.

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