Things You Should Know When Lending a Car

Lending a car can be a very tricky situation. Essentially, when you lend the car, not only are you trusting an individual to take care of the car, but you are also expecting them to use the car for legitimate purposes. In some cases, the person you lend your automobile to will use it for what they state they will use it for, while others might try to use the vehicle for more nefarious purposes. As such, it is essential to protect yourself when lending your car to someone else. Here are the most important things to know when lending a car.

Know What They Will Use the Car For

The first thing you should always find out when lending your car is what the lendee plans to use it for. In most cases, the lendee will only likely use the car for groceries and other short, insignificant activities. However, if the lendee plans to use the vehicle for activities such as ridesharing or delivery, you will have to look more closely into the matter. In some states, a driver may need to hold insurance on a car if they plan to use it for their work.

lending a car

Know the Laws Surrounding Car Lending

As previously mentioned, there are laws in some states that provide barriers to lending a car for the use of certain activities such as ridesharing or deliveries. In other cases, the driver may still need such things as insurance and licenses to be able to legally operate the car, even if they have valid car insurance for their own car. Non-owner car insurance is a great example of the type of insurance the lendee may need to apply for to operate said vehicle legally.

Know If the Borrower Is Licensed To Drive

The other major factor to look out for when lending your car is to ensure that the lendee is licensed to drive. If you are dealing with a relative or friend who has been convicted of a DUI and is an sr22 holder, steps may be needed to enable that lendee to drive. In most cases, sr22 holders will have to apply for another type of driving permit or some other similar document to be able to drive legally. This will ensure that if the lendee does end up violating any laws, there is some way to identify and charge them officially.

Consider the friend or relative you are lending to. If they have previous DUIs, are you sure they are safe to drive now? Alcoholism is often kept secret from others due to feelings of guilt and shame. Try to talk to your friend or relative if you have any worries, and, if you discover that they aren’t coping well. Choosing a recovery coach together can show them you are there for them. Establishing the safety of the person lending your car is essential for keeping your car and your friend or relative safe.

Because motor vehicle operation is such a heavily regulated activity, you must know the important things to consider when lending your car to someone. If you are considering lending your car right now, make sure you speak with your insurance company first! They will be able to provide everything you need to know to ensure that you are lending your car in a legal and responsible manner. 


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