Tips for Constructing a Parenting Plan With Your Ex

In most custody cases, parents cannot agree on a set schedule and need the help of a judge to make one for them. If you and your ex can construct a parenting plan together without using the courts, you can be more flexible with how you customize the plan. To make this process go more smoothly, keep in mind this article’s advice.

Prioritize the Child’s Needs First

Always remember that a parenting plan is less about you and your ex-spouse and more about your child and their needs. Prioritize your child’s needs when you’re deciding on a schedule to ensure they receive everything they need from you and your ex. Prioritizing your child is also a great way to find common ground with your ex regarding the parenting plan.

Keep Your Routines Consistent

While it’s difficult for you to assimilate to a new life, it’s likely twice as hard for your child when they are used to having two parents around. The fewer disruptions you make to your child’s routine, the better they can adjust to their new life. So when you’re constructing a parenting plan with your ex, be consistent with the schedule.

Ask yourselves which routines can stay the same and which need to change. It might make sense for your kids to stay with your ex on the weekends because their sporting events are closer. Then you can accommodate them by taking them for four days at the beginning of the week. Whatever you and your ex decide is best, stick to that schedule.

Never Assume You’re the Most Qualified Parent

There are probably parenting duties you solely assumed when you and your ex were still together, such as taking your kid to school or putting them to bed. However, even though you are qualified for these tasks, don’t assume that your ex is not.

Your ex can build the same skills and step in to help just as much as you can. Recognizing their capability and trusting them as a parent is key to a seamless experience creating a parenting plan with them.

Be Thorough & Put the Plan Into Writing

If you and your ex can be amicable, there are many benefits to creating a parenting plan. However, it’s always wise to put your plan into writing to minimize disagreements and prevent tension. Don’t forget to finalize your written parenting plan with a judge for approval to set everything in stone. You don’t necessarily need to do this if you and your ex get along, but having a judge’s signature can help if there are tiffs or disagreements.

With these tips, you will be able to have an easier time creating a parenting plan with your ex. Ultimately, if you are respectful and hold your child’s needs above all else, the process should go smoothly.

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