Tips for Dealing With Common Spring Pests

Once the cold winter weather leaves us behind and spring settles in, the bugs and pests also come out in full force. If you want to protect your home against common spring pests, there are a few things you should know. Here are some tips for dealing with common spring pests. 

Seal Up Your Windows and Doors

As the temperature starts to go up, your home will thaw out a little bit, revealing the damage caused by the cold. If there are any cracks, gaps, or holes in your home that weren’t there before, be sure to seal them up so that bugs don’t enter. 

Pests would much rather live in your warm home than the cooler outdoor surroundings, so sealing off your doorways, windows, foundation, and pipes can help you make sure they aren’t welcome. Also, repairing any screens you have over your windows and doors will give you an additional line of defense against invading pests. 

common spring pests

Clean All Your Indoor Areas

If you haven’t cleaned your home since before the winter holidays, spring is the perfect time to start. Cleaning your indoor areas not only makes them look better but also makes them less attractive to pests. This will also help prevent anyone from getting sick because cockroaches are an indoor air problem

Take Care of Your Lawn

When you’re finished working inside, it’s time to take care of your lawn. If you have an overgrown lawn, pests can thrive in it. Snow-covered grass might not grow that well, but if there are any dry areas where leaves, standing water, and branches could have built up over the winter, these should be the first spots to check. 

Tidy Up the Gutters

Anywhere that leaves, water, and branches can build up is a haven for pests, which should lead you to your gutters. Fall and winter are tough seasons for your gutters, so you should unclog them and clean them out so that pests don’t lay eggs there. 

Overall, pests are an annoyance for any homeowner, but you don’t have to let them destroy your home. Now that you know a few tips for dealing with common spring pests, you can put up a fair fight against these gross creatures. 


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