Tips for Designing a Family-Friendly Home

Childhood homes hold very special meanings, especially as the place of growth and influential coming-of-age events. From tantrums and meltdowns to quiet cuddle time and craft nights, homes witness and endure all the best and worst family moments. They also set the scene for many cherished memories that’ll stay with your kids throughout life. To further enhance your family’s experience and memories together, here are some tips for designing a family-friendly home that’s practical, stylish, and comfortable. 

Durable Flooring 

Floors literally set the foundation for your home. They endure heavy foot traffic, scrapes, bumps, and even various weights daily. Equipping your home with durable floors minimizes time and money spent on maintenance and ensures it lasts as long as you occupy the home. There are many reasons why family rooms should have hardwood floors. But in some cases, like for raising little ones, carpeted floors are more beneficial, or tile flooring is more functional. No matter the type of flooring you choose, make sure that it can withstand the high demands of a family. Your flooring should be able to stand up to lots of foot traffic, scratches from toys, and markings from accidental spills or bursts of artistic expression from your kids. 

Anchored Furniture 

One of the most important features of a family-friendly home is creating a safe space for your children. Anchored furniture prevents your furnishing from toppling over onto the ground and possibly onto your children. They keep tall pieces of furniture secured to walls and locked into place. Everything remains secured if your kids decide to climb or accidentally bump into bookshelves, cabinets, and other furnishings with anchors and no-tip furniture designs. 

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Washable Wall Paint 

Although letting your children explore various forms of creative expression offers multiple benefits, it can also lead to a big mess. Opting for washable wall paints provides an easy cleanup when artistic talents spread beyond the canvas or page. Washable paint protects your walls from impromptu markings of all kinds. It even makes cleaning up dirt or scuff marks easier. Plus, washable wall paints provide all the same benefits as regular wall paints but with an added feature for family-friendly functionality. 

Area Rugs 

Area rugs are a great way to implement color, texture, and patterns into a space. They also provide cushioning for falls, crawlers, and sitting. Incorporating area rugs into rooms equips your home with a stylish yet practical feature. However, keep in mind that some rug materials do not work well with spills and other accidents. Make sure to invest in easy-to-clean and maintainable rugs. Also, using slip mats and taping under the rugs ensures your rug stays in place, minimizes tripping, and makes it easier to roll suitcases, strollers, and wheelchairs over them. 

Storage Space 

While raising children, it’s easy to accumulate lots of stuff, from toys and diapers to homeschool equipment and baby furniture. Equipping your home with various storage spaces and solutions helps keep your home clutter-free. The less clutter, the fewer the hazards. Plus, clutter-free spaces provide you and your family with more space to enjoy and play in without obstacles or distractions. 

With these tips for designing a family-friendly home, you can transform your old home or prepare your new one to be a safe and memorable place for your kids. Creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for your kids to thrive in allows them to make the most of their childhood and time spent with you. It also creates a memory anchor your kids can one day look back on and remember all the quality time spent within that home. 


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