Tips for Designing Your Own Home Art Studio

If you want to create a designated space for your creative hobbies at home, consider designing an at-home art studio. With a studio, you and your family can work creatively with everything you need nearby. Consider implementing these tips for designing your own at-home art studio to create a unique space that inspires you.

Embrace Your Space

When creating a studio at home, avoid comparing your space to the grand, spacious real estate examples you see on Pinterest or Instagram. Many artists working from home must make do with smaller spaces, which is OK. Your home studio should be a place where you can visit to embrace creativity and inspiration. As long as you have the tools you need, you can make art anywhere.

Organize Your Supplies Around Your Work Zone

Start your studio design by focusing on your workspace. Choose a location for your main art surface, whether you draw at a desk, paint at an easel, or otherwise. Once you position your primary workspace, expand out from that spot by organizing your materials nearby. Use vertical space by hanging bookshelves and other storage compartments to store your art supplies. This way, you’ll have any materials you need within arm’s reach. After all, nothing can take you out of the creative process more than tracking down a tool halfway across the house.

Decorate Your Studio With Inspiration

Don’t forget to design your home studio with inspiration in mind. Organization is important, but you also want to feel inspired by your space and its décor. Consider decorating your studio with your favorite objects or works of art. You can always hang your framed canvas prints or prints from other creators who inspire you. When you surround yourself with your favorite pieces and decorations, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to start your next piece.

When designing a home art studio, these are some of the tips that can help you create a space you will love. Use these tips to turn an old, unused space into one that provides inspiration and room to grow your art skills.

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