Tips for Getting Your Kids Active

By moving around, your children can keep their muscles engaged and heart pumping, which is great for a long and healthy life. Exercise also lowers stress levels and improves sleep. Keep your children’s abilities in mind as you start getting them active since some are more able than others due to age, development, and other factors. With the right tips for getting your kids active, you can help them have fun as they boost their physical activity levels!

Set a Schedule

A schedule is essential to ensure your children get exercise every day—but also so they don’t overdo it, since vigorous activity may lead to injury. Additionally, children do best with a routine; young children likely won’t recognize the need to exercise, so setting a schedule helps make it fun for them.

Find an ideal time in the day and set up different physical activities for your child or children to do, such as riding bikes, jumping rope, and walking outside.

An excellent time for a short workout is after school or when your child needs a break from homework, as moving around will help their mind refocus without the need for screen time!

getting your kids active

Find Extracurricular Activities

Another great tip for getting your kids active is to look into different sports. Talk to your children about what interests them the most. Some may be interested in playing baseball, but others may love the idea of dance, for example. 

Whatever your children choose, make sure they remain prepared with the right gear; for example, some dances such as ballet, tap, or Irish dancing require specific shoes to execute the moves properly. Various sports such as soccer, baseball, and hockey require different equipment for safety. Joining a sport also benefits your child emotionally by giving them a chance to meet new friends and become more responsible while getting a fun workout in a safe environment.

getting your kids active
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Act as a Role Model

Your children need a role model—and that’s you, their parent! So, lead by example. If you want them to run around outside, get your tennis shoes on, run around with them, or plan a family bike ride. Try getting your child active by working out together. You could also do activities such as walking the dog, going to the park, or creating an obstacle course.

If you want your child to love fitness, motivate them by reminding them it’s about having fun— every child isn’t an athlete. By keeping your child motivated to get in at least 60 minutes of activity each day, you help their growing body remain healthy.

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