Tips for Hosting a Summer Pool Party for Kids

Summer birthdays and pool parties go together like peanut butter and jelly. It just makes sense. For kids, pools offer bountiful entertainment. They provide them with a new setting to explore their imaginations, allowing them to spread their make-believe to mermaid kingdoms and the ocean’s depths. Here are some tips for hosting a successful summer pool party for your kids.

Stock Up on Pool Toys

Kids’ imaginations can entertain for hours. Imagination allows the little ones to travel, adventure, and face off mythical creatures. Adding pool toys into the mix helps enhance their imaginative experiences and supplies them with props for their underwater ventures. Popular pool toys include floaties, foam water sprays, and plastic dolls. Providing water versions of sports like volleyball and basketball supplies plenty of entertainment for the older kids. Goggles, flippers, and snorkels will upgrade their pool games and swimming fun.

Offer Dry Land Activities

Although it’s a pool party, you still need to provide entertainment on dry land. Not everyone can or wants to swim, especially for an extended period. Offering plenty of entertainment and activities outside of the pool makes everyone feel included and entertained. There are numerous ways to entertain out of the pool, from lawn and board games to water balloon fights. Simply styling your poolside patio also enhances the dry land experience. Plus, it provides entertainment and resting spots for the adults to gather and watch their kids.

Provide Spare Towels and Sunblock

Sometimes kids just show up with nothing but their swimmers on. Providing spare towels for guests to use and numerous sunblock bottles to go around ensures that everyone stays dry when out of the pool and protected from the sun. Spare towels also come in handy if the poolside becomes too wet and slippery.

Have a Weather Backup Plan

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a covered or indoor pool, weather plays a huge factor when it comes to hosting a pool party. Although summer forecasts radiate with sunny and warm days, the occasional summer storm likes to blow through as well. A weather backup plan ensures the party continues, no matter what the sky hurls your way. Simple indoor solutions to rained-out pool parties include classic rainy day activities like movies, board games, and crafts. Instead of sending everyone home, take the fun indoors and let the show go on.

Hosting a summer pool party for kids is a great way to make the most of the summertime weather and celebrate a birthday. Plus, swimming keeps them active and refreshed from the summer heat.

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