Tips for Maintaining the Wood Inside Your Home

The wood in your home is both decorative and elegant to look at. Whether it makes up the floors, furniture, or doors, it needs to remain in good condition. No one wants their home to look old and dusty like an antique shop. Keeping things lustrous and vibrant isn’t something that happens on its own. These are some tips for maintaining the wood inside your home.

Avoid the Sun

Certain polymers within your wooden fixtures and furniture are capable of drying out when exposed to too much sun. The polymers are known as lignin. They play a role in the wood’s water retention and strength. Once a certain amount of sun exposure occurs, the color within the wood begins to fade and bleach. For furniture specifically, it’s a good idea to keep it out of the path of direct sunlight to help retain its vibrance.

Apply a Varnish

To further protect furniture, you should apply a quality varnish to the surface. This is a popular finish to use, as it enhances the color and pattern of the wood on which you apply it. It’s important to know why it’s good to use wood oils on interior doors, specifically because different methods are necessary for your exterior doors. There’s nothing wrong with using varnish for your furniture, either.

Homemade Polish

You can create a paste that acts as a custom polish by combining a wax of your choice with some olive oil. This method adds an extra layer to your wood that acts as a barrier to protect it from physical damage. Wax also keeps your wood healthier for a longer period. For lighter wood, this is also a great way to prevent stains from affecting the look of the flooring or furniture.

Your wooden furniture and fixtures for your home’s interior are important aspects of its overall design. Since you have such valuable investments in your home, it’s natural to want to preserve them for as long as possible. These tips for maintaining the wood inside your home are great considerations to remember when taking care of them in the future.

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