Tips for Making Mealtimes With Your Toddler Less Messy

Do you feel like every meal comes with a mandatory cleaning session these days? Dropped bites, splattered liquids, and stained clothes can be quite the headache, especially after a long day of working or taking care of your little one. Toddlers are going to be messy as they learn how to feed themselves and join the family at mealtimes. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to minimize spills and save yourself a lot of cleaning time. Check out these tips for making mealtimes with your toddler less messy.

Lead by Example

Babies and toddlers learn a lot by watching the people around them. If they see you practicing good table manners, they’ll catch on to what they’re supposed to do when mealtime comes around. When you serve your little one lunch and dinner, take the time to sit down and eat with them. Your toddler will watch how you eat and use utensils. Eventually, they’ll adopt your habits and learn to do the same things themselves.

mealtimes with your toddler

Use Dishes With Suction

It’s no secret that toddlers are a little clumsy, especially when they get excited about something. Flailing arms and waving fists are a recipe for disaster around mealtimes. Make everything a little more stable by serving your little one with dishes that have a suction base. A silicone suction base will help bowls and plates stick to the tray when your toddler bumps into them, keeping their food in place instead of on the floor.

Eat When They’re Hungry

One of the best tips for making mealtimes with your toddler less messy is to make sure they actually want to eat. If your toddler isn’t hungry when you set the table, they’re not going to be as interested in putting all that fun-looking food into their mouth. Instead, they’ll want to cure their boredom—or their playful mood—by making a big mess. Try serving meals a little bit later in the day when your child is more likely to focus on eating. It might also help to cut back on snacks so that your toddler isn’t full by the time dinner comes around.


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