Tips for Supporting a Friend With a New Baby

Preparing for parenthood is an exciting yet stressful time for anyone, and there’s a lot to consider. Many of us read parenting books and search online for the best supplies to purchase so we can give our little ones the best life. As the friend of a new mom, you also have a role to play. Check out these great ways to support your friend with a new baby.

Ask What They Need

Once your friend and their partner get settled, ask them what you can do to help. They may have a pet or other children that need some extra attention. Offer to take care of the other kids or pets for the day or overnight. Your friend trusts you, and knowing their other kiddos or fur-children are safe and getting some doting time gives them time to focus on their newborn.

Cook Them Meals

Offering to cook is often one of the greatest ways to support a friend with a new baby. Trying to juggle house care, cooking, and caring for a baby can get overwhelming; this can become more stressful once one of the partners returns to work. Ask your friend what you should cook them and when. This takes “what can I do for you?” one step further and shows them that you’re there to support them.

In the stress of everything, your friend may not know what they want you to cook or when. If this happens, give them a few options so making the decision doesn’t create an extra layer of anxiety.

Going a Step Further

If you cook something just after your friend had the baby, strive to prepare a freezer-safe dish. Many friends and relatives may also share this great idea, and no food should go to waste. You could also wait to cook something until a few months after the baby’s born since every bit of assistance helps.

Buy Some Baby Essentials

The list of things parents need for their babies seems never-ending. When you buy a gift to welcome your friend’s little one into the world, think about what would be most beneficial to the parents. Many people might want to buy a cute outfit, but babies only need so many clothes. Instead, buy something useful like an infant ring sling so mommy can carry her infant around hands-free.

Plan Time Together

Raising a baby is exhausting and means a lot of sleepless nights. Talk with your bestie about your ideas to plan some time together once things settle down. This gives your friend something to look forward to during stressful moments and reminds them that you’re always there for support. Taking care of a newborn is hard work. However, with a village of loved ones rallying around us, it’s easier to focus on the excitement of this life chapter.

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