Tips On Buying A Gift For A Coworker

Should you buy a gift for your coworker? Sure, why not! When their birthdays swing around, you could make their day when they step into the workplace. Not only will they be pleased to receive a gift from you but they will be glad that you have bothered to think about them in the first place. 

It will also take their mind off the fact that they have had to come to work on their birthday!

You might also buy your coworkers a gift during the holiday season or when they have experienced a certain career milestone, such as gaining a promotion at work.

But when buying a gift, there are a few guidelines that you might want to adhere to.

#1: Don’t spend a fortune

Unless the coworker is a good friend, you shouldn’t go overboard with your spending. Not only will you hurt your finances but you will set a precedent for all other gifts you buy for other coworkers. After all, questions are bound to be asked if you spend a lot on one person and not much on another. The recipient might also be embarrassed or confused if you have bought them something that could be considered extravagant.

So, think cheap but not too cheap and buy a nice gift that is affordably priced. Your coworker will appreciate your kind gesture and so will your bank balance!

gift for coworker

#2: Consider what your coworker likes

It’s no good buying your coworker a bottle of wine if they don’t drink or a gift box of handmade cigars from Cheap Little Cigars if you aren’t sure they smoke. Similarly, you should be careful if buying flowers as they might have an allergy and the same applies to any sweet or food gifts you might buy. 

It’s difficult, we know, but if you can get to know the person a little better, you will have an understanding of what to get them. Speak to other coworkers as they might be able to offer you advice. Or take a look at their social media pages as you might pick up some clues this way. If you still aren’t sure, play it safe with a gift voucher, as this way they will be able to buy what they want themselves. 

#3: Think twice before buying a gag gift

You need to think twice before you buy a colleague a gag gift as you don’t want to embarrass them in front of your other coworkers. Admittedly, these funny gag gifts are relatively harmless but there could be other things you find online that are ruder and more outrageous. 

If you suspect your coworker is easily embarrassed or if you don’t know much about their sense of humor, perhaps play it safe with something a little more straight-laced. This way, you won’t feel guilty if your gift-giving backfires and you won’t give them cause them to mistrust you. 

#4: Consider a group gift

If you are financially strapped or simply unsure of what to buy a coworker, ask other people in your workplace to contribute. This way, you will benefit from the guidance of others when choosing what to buy and you can make group gift-giving a tradition to take the pressure off yourself in the future. You will also save money, which is something many of us are interested in doing at the moment due to various price rises. 

Of course, you don’t want to force people into participating. They might have reasons for not contributing and you should respect that. So, ask your coworkers if they would like to contribute but politely back off if they tell you no. 

We hope these suggestions helped but leave a comment below if you have any further advice for our readers. 


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