Tips on How to Encourage Your Teen to Wear Braces

Having a teenager can be challenging at the best of times, but it can be quite a trial when trying to convince them to have braces for their own sake. Your child will, in some cases, be extremely averse to the idea of wearing braces. They will not care that it is for their own good, but you know that it is the best thing for them and that they will really regret it when they are older and need a lot of work done. If you are having problems at the moment convincing your son or daughter to have braces, here are a few tips on encouraging them:  

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The Way They Look

Let’s face it, teenagers will be concerned about having a ‘metal mouth’ and are worried about being teased or, worse, bullied for wearing one. They see a brace as an ugly eyesore which is not the image they want to portray at this delicate time. None of their concerns, though change the fact that they need a brace. If they don’t they are going to look a lot worse later as their teeth become more misaligned. You have to tell them the truth, that if they don’t get the brace, they could lose a tooth and need a lot more work down the line. Besides, if their teeth are bad enough to need a brace now, it will already be showing. Other people and teenagers can already see their teeth are crooked. So it’s not as if it’s a hidden fact.   


They are not the Only Ones

There will be a lot of kids in the school wearing a brace, so it’s not as if they are the only ones. Try and get them to notice all the other kids who are wearing one. Maybe you could tell them about the fact you wore a brace when you were their age, and you have the same concerns, but it was not as bad as you feared. Also, you can point out all the famous faces who wore braces. Try and make it seem not so bad. Show them before and after pictures. They are a great way to show the benefits of having a brace. 


Cost Saving

Perhaps it is time to show your shield the potential cost of having bad teeth. If you need to go to the dentist all the time, it is going to cost a lot of money, especially if you need teeth out and a lot of cavity work due to teeth rubbing up against each other the wrong way. You should point out that you are clearly paying for the whole braces cost now. But later down the line, it will be them that is forced to pay, unless they are happy to lose teeth and suffer various other illnesses as a result of bad oral hygiene, from oral cancer to diabetes and heart disease. The consequences are actually pretty dire when it comes to not looking after your teeth properly, and it may help to show them images of that too.


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