Tips To Make Dental Hygiene Fun for Kids

Trying to instill good oral hygiene into your kids’ minds is difficult. It’s tough to show them the dangers of tooth decay and even harder to encourage them to brush and floss their teeth when the activity itself is just, well, a chore. So, to make your kids want to brush their teeth, here are some good tips to make dental hygiene fun for kids and easier on you.

Make It a Game

The best way to make kids want to do something is by turning it into a game. So, for example, you could set a timer for two minutes and, in that time, your child has to see how well they can brush their teeth before time is up. Their progress is easy to check if you use gingivitis tablets that change colors to indicate how well they cleaned their teeth. Incentivizing this game further with a reward for a job well done will further encourage your child to “play” and clean their teeth.

Make Dental Hygiene Fun for Kids

Improve the Flavor

Another good tip to make dental hygiene fun for kids is to consider the tools you’re giving them. As adults, when we think of toothpaste, we immediately associate it with a minty taste. This, however, is often too harsh and unpleasant for children, so you should instead look for a more enjoyably flavored toothpaste. Finding a toothpaste flavor that they like will make brushing their teeth seem more like a treat than a chore.

Regarding Dentists

Fear of the dentist is surprisingly common in adults, so imagine how common it is for kids. Luckily, professionals realized this, and you can find your kids a pediatric dentist that knows how to soothe the fear kids may have about the dentist to make the process far less scary. When seeing a pediatric dentist, they’ll endeavor to earn both you and your child’s trust so that visits to the dentist become more routine than torturous for your kid. Encouragement from a dentist that understands them is more likely to inspire a child to take better care of their teeth at home, so they can win the praise of their dentist the next time they go back.


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