‘Tis the season for holiday outfits

When the holidays roll around, I like to have pictures taken. This means that new outfits are in store; for the older kids, it is usually a dress, or nice slacks and a shirt. However, for the baby, we opt for cute little holiday outfits. You know the ones I am talking about; the ones that say that it is Thanksgiving, or Christmas, and have cute little designs on them. Sometimes they are a onesie, but this year they come with adorable little pants and either a hat or bow.

I thought ahead this year and took care of both holidays at one time. Tell me these holiday outfits for the baby aren’t adorable!!


I love that both outfits are long sleeved and come with pants. In addition, both of these sets came with a hat and a bow, so they are suitable for baby boys and girls! I do wish that the Thanksgiving outfit had come with cute matching socks as the Christmas outfit did. However, a simple pair of red, orange, yellow, or brown socks would make this outfit complete.

I also love that I can get both the Thanksgiving outfit and the Christmas outfit on Amazon! No more running all over town searching! I only wish that pulling together holiday outfits for my older kids was this easy (and adorable!)

Do you plan holiday outfits for your kids? or are you a whatever you want kind of family? Sound off below, I would love to hear about your family holiday traditions!

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