Top 5 Tips for Positive Parenting

Maintaining a positive attitude as a parent can be challenging. Whether you have babies or teenagers, parenting is often stressful and exhausting. Positive parenting is about setting the right boundaries and nurturing stronger relationships. With a new approach, you can encourage better behavior as well. There are certain ways you can develop a more positive approach, and become a calmer, happier parent. This will have a ripple effect and help improve your home environment overall. Here are five tips for positive parenting.

positive parenting
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Control your reactions

Often temper tantrums and bad behavior are ways your child tries to get attention. It’s not necessarily important if they receive a positive or negative reaction. If your child is acting out, it’s important to calm your mind, and not to let it get to you. Consider why this particular type of behavior bothers you so much and try to get to the root of the problem instead.


Be patient

Remember that children go through different phases as they get older. Think back to when they were younger and how they’ve moved on from certain behaviors since then. If you’re having difficulties maintaining your patience you could try relaxation techniques such as meditation, or positive affirmations. Try to lower your expectations of them as they are still just kids, and you’ll find yourself getting less frustrated.


Share the load

In any co-parenting situation, you need to share the load with your partner. This isn’t just about dividing up daily household tasks but also sharing your feelings. If you’re stressed or anxious talk to your partner and come up with a new strategy together. If you join forces you can work towards a positive parenting approach and ensure you’re on the same page. You’ll feel a lot more positive knowing you have the support you need.

positive parenting
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Connect with your children

Instead of a knee-jerk punishment, connect with your children rather than control them. There are certain activities to strengthen your relationship you can try, including play, listening to their stories, and making the effort to spend quality time together. If you engage with your children on a deeper level, you can discipline them by explaining the problem, rather than scolding them. Often bad behavior is a cry for attention, so if your children receive positive attention from you on a daily basis, this could help keep it under control.


Timing is everything

Timing is important when it comes to positive parenting. In fact, parental response times can make a significant difference. By responding immediately to your child you can maintain positive interaction. This will encourage them to initiate further interaction and develop confidence. Timing is essential for discipline as well. This especially the case with younger children. You need to explain to them the consequences of their actions at the moment, or they won’t be able to associate them with their bad behavior. The same goes for positive reinforcement. Don’t forget to reward your children for good behavior and model a positive attitude they can follow.

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