Top Paying Jobs in the Near Future

Times have changed, and so have jobs and their ranking in terms of salaries. In the last 20 years, lots of jobs have become totally automated. But many have also sprung up from underground, bringing about entirely different and new career options – the trick is keeping up with the times. Here are some top paying jobs that have really shot through the roof salary-wise and will continue to grow in demand within the next decade.

Top Paying Jobs
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Software Developers

Software development refers to the designing and maintaining of applications and other computer software. A bit of a complicated process, software developers use computer programming and techniques to build the framework from which these applications are run from. You can imagine then how the demand for these skilled individuals will rise exponentially, as applications and pretty much everything businesses are run on is being computerized. A software developer’s annual salary ranges from roughly $107,000 to about $136,000 – and that was two years ago.

Certified Ethical Hackers

No, not the type of hackers who infiltrate government systems and steal millions of dollars like in the movies. Certified Ethical Hackers are hired by a company to test its system’s security by approaching it as if they were a criminal. They check any vulnerabilities the company’s system may have and report back in terms of how it can be improved and strengthened. Certified Ethical Hackers are crucial to keep the organization’s systems up to date on its defenses and security. These hackers’ salaries differ, ranging from an average of about $83,000 annually, up to almost $145,000, including bonuses. 

Registered Nurses

Completely different from the previous two professions, registered nurses are becoming higher in demand, especially since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. With over 110,000 projected new job openings within the next decade, studying to become a registered nurse will definitely provide job security for yourself. Registered Nurses’ salaries average about $110,000 annually. 

Top Paying Jobs
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Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analysts are crucial for an organization’s growth, and they ensure that the organization keeps up with the latest trends and changes in consumer behavior. These Market Research Analysts collect data from various platforms and sources, afterward interpreting and converting it into statistical information. They also look at the entire industry as a whole and keep an eye on any competitors to ensure the organization stays on track with its relevance. Lastly, they make accurate predictions based on all the data they’ve collected in regards to the projected sales and how the organization will compete in the market. A Market Research Analyst’s salary ranges from the average annual amount of $55,00 up to about $77,000. 


Three out of the four professions listed above weren’t that popular at all 20 years ago, but are on the fast track to becoming some of the highest paying jobs out there. If you’re considering a career change or are still deciding on what career path you want to embark on, these four top paying jobs are definitely worth looking into!


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