Top Tips For Planning The Ultimate Family Easter Party

Easter is the ideal time to gather friends and family and create a party. Make it a memorable occasion by following our top recommendations for planning a family Easter party!

Use Vibrant Colors To Decorate

Pastel colors, such as delicate pink, baby blue, and light yellow, are commonly used for Easter. Use vibrant spring colors to make your party decorations more eye-catching. Mix one bright spring color, such as hot pink or bright yellow, with black, white, or navy. These colors create an energizing, non-traditional color palette.

Entertaining The Kids 

The egg hunt will be the primary attraction at the family Easter Party, but it’s a good idea to add a few extra games to keep small hands busy. Create a play area for the kids by setting up a table and chairs and using a craft paper roll as a cheap tablecloth that they can design. Fill baskets or containers with crayons or washable markers and encourage them to unleash their inner artist! You could also play some games, such as egg tossing or an egg and spoon race.

Get Everyone To Pitch In With Food

Don’t feel obligated to buy and prepare all of the meals yourself. Friends and family enjoy assisting with food for gatherings, so instead of attempting to cook the entire meal, ask for assistance. You might offer the main course and beverages, and visitors could bring salads, side dishes, and desserts. This will relieve you of the burden and expense of cooking a large lunch, and guests will be able to taste family members’ distinctive delicacies. It will also give you time to try new recipes such as this coconut snowballs recipe.

Add Some Child-Friendly Snacks

Some kids can be fussy eaters, so make sure you have several snacks that even the pickiest eaters can’t refuse. Finger meals that can be placed on plates for children to assist themselves are perfect. Fruits and vegetables, such as peppers, carrots, and cucumbers, as well as breadsticks and crackers, are chopped up. Hot foods like chicken nuggets, pizza, and potato wedges are also excellent alternatives.

Create An Easter Themed Playlist

Make a playlist of uplifting tunes to listen to in the background. You don’t have to play traditional religious songs; instead, use a mix of classic and contemporary songs to appeal to people of all ages.

Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter party would be incomplete without an egg hunt! Make miniature maps to help guide the kids to the eggs, and leave little bunny tracks near the eggs to let them know they’re in the proper area. You can produce prints with your fingers by cutting paper shapes or sprinkling icing sugar on the floor. Color code the eggs to guarantee that all children have an equal chance of locating them. You can have distinct colors for boys and girls, as well as for older and smaller youngsters.

family Easter party
Photo by George Dolgikh @ Giftpundits.com from Pexels

Planning Your Easter Egg Hunt

Gather Your Supplies 

What do you need to have a successful Easter egg hunt? The ingredients are straightforward: eggs (preferably plastic) and goodies (to stash in the eggs). Make sure you don’t run out of eggs—around 10-15 eggs per child is a good rule of thumb. If you encourage guests to bring their own baskets, buy a few more to have on hand. You could also have youngsters paint their own paper bags to use as “baskets”—this makes for fantastic Easter crafts. All you need for these fun and inexpensive options are stickers and crayons!

Although it may appear apparent, the best Easter egg hunts aren’t only about sugar—there are several non-candy options that kids will enjoy. Consider tattoos, marbles (for older children, of course), Legos, and balloons. Around this time of year, Target’s dollar aisle may be a gold mine—you can load up on little erasers, bouncy balls, and stickers. Put a few dollars in some “money eggs” and toss them in the mix. Alternatively, place a larger note in a golden money egg.

Plan The Decorations 

Allow your children to participate in the preparation! There are so many creative ways to decorate your home for Easter. Do you require some inspiration? There are a plethora of Easter crafts on Pinterest, ranging from elegant door hangers to playful garlands. And what child doesn’t like a good Easter Bunny craft? Examine it out and get imaginative!

Get Creative With The Hiding

If the weather is nice, an outdoor hunt is ideal—we’re sure you’ll discover plenty of wonderful hiding sites in your own yard or garden. Planters and tree branches are obvious examples, but mailboxes and covered bins make the situation a little more difficult. It should go without saying, but attempt to personalize your plan to your target audience (so to speak). Older kids will enjoy a more difficult hunt, while younger kids will prefer something a little easier. Don’t worry if you have to bring the egg hunt inside—you still can find innovative places to hide your Easter eggs. Make sure you clearly define the boundaries of your egg hunt—you want the kids to know where they’ll be looking.

Make A Plan For The Hunt 

What parent hasn’t heard the phrase “it’s not fair!” at some point? And, while life isn’t always fair (ain’t that the truth! ), you must pick how you will handle the issue of fairness and the Easter egg hunt. Perhaps you’re planning a full-fledged free-for-all (which would surely make for some traditional egg hunt fun!). However, if you’re working with a mix of older and younger children (or all small children), you might want to level the playing field. Consider assigning each youngster a different color of egg, such as blue, orange, or pink, and requiring them to collect only that color. Allow the younger children to go first so they can have a jump start. Alternately, pair an older child with a younger youngster to foster teamwork.


Remember, this is intended to be a good time! You’ve done everything you can to prepare; now it’s time to sit back, relax, and watch the kids have a good time. Do you have any other family Easter party ideas? Please share some in the comments. 


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