Top Toys That Are Unsafe For Young Children

When you have a young child, you spend at least half your time worrying about their well-being. So many things could potentially harm them at that age. With all the possible hazards out there, it sometimes feels like nothing is safe. Luckily, many toy companies realize that and try to make their products as safe as possible for their target audiences. However, there are still some that don’t. To figure out which is which, we’ve made a list of the top toys that are unsafe for young children.

Molding Clays

While brands like Play-Doh say that they are non-toxic for kids, they usually specify that their claim is true in small doses. While it’s unlikely that your child will chow down on a whole tub of the toy clay, young kids do tend to put just about everything in their mouths. If they consume enough, the high amount of salt in the clay could be toxic. Not to mention, it can just as easily be a choking hazard for them.

Top Toys That Are Unsafe For Young Children

Bikes and Scooters

Even though you can make these outdoor ride-on toys safer with training wheels and extra body pads, there’s always a chance that kids will fall and hurt themselves or ride out into the street. As a parent, the only thing you can do is keep a close eye on them and stop them from going out of bounds. However, many electric ride-on for young kids come with a remote for parents to use. There are different kinds available that work in various ways, but all of them can help you steer your child away from danger from a distance.

Toys for Playing House

Young kids love to play house with their siblings or friends, but not all companies that make these toys make them the safest for kids. A few different brands of play food and jewelry still contain trace amounts of lead or chlorine, neither of which are safe for them to consume—which kids will try to do. On top of that, many of these toys, specifically toy jewelry, can be easy for kids to swallow. Make sure you check the materials for these types of toys if you decide to buy them for your children, and ensure that all pieces are too big to fit in their mouths.

Construction Toys

Toys made for building and imagination allow kids to express their creativity, but they come with the obvious threat of presenting choking hazards. Luckily, most companies realize this and put age requirements on their toys. For example, Lego makes construction blocks specifically for young kids called Duplo. That way, children of any age can partake in the joy of creating.

In the end, all we can do is try to be more aware of the toys we give our children to play with, and knowing the top toys that are unsafe for young children, is a great start.

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