Unique Gifts for the person who never wants anything

It never fails, the holidays arrive and you start asking what everyone wants as a gift, and the same person always says “I don’t know, or nothing”. Now, normally this might drive you absolutely crazy, but this year why not take advantage of it, and give them unique gifts? Something that they probably wouldn’t have thought of, but just might be the best thing ever.

Now, take my husband for instance; He is one of those “I don’t know, or nothing” people, and it drives me crazy. However, I know that he is a mechanic, and he puts a lot of work in on our Expedition. Well, I can assure you that he doesn’t need any more tools, but I also know that the steering wheel in the truck has taken quite the beating over the years. So, one of the unique gifts I might get him this year is a custom steering wheel from Craftcustoms.com; one that can withstand the wear and tear he puts on the truck!

Now, if I were one of those “I don’t know, or nothing” people, I might like something more in line with what I do for a living. With my blog and social media, getting my brand out there for the world to see, means that my traffic, numbers, and income increase. What blogger or social media influencer wouldn’t want that? So, how exactly do you go about getting your brand in front of new eyes? Well, what is the one thing most people have, and use all day every day? Yep, their phones.

What do we usually end up doing with our phones at least once a day? Right again, charging it! So, getting a branded charging station is a great way to get new people to see my brand! They charge their phones and see my brand, and I get the chance to pick up new readers and followers! It’s a win-win scenario! It’s pretty easy to get a branded charging station, too. Just check out https://ecmmediallc.com/.

unique gifts
Image by monicore from Pixabay

Ok, now this next one isn’t so much a member of the unique gifts department, as it is part of the luxury department, but there is quite literally something for everyone at Dsoro.com. There are so many luxury brands to choose from like Armani, Love Moschino, Gucci, Prada, Valentino, and Michael Kors; just to name a few. D’soro has become the place to visit to get authentic luxury brands at an affordable price, and that is unique in and of itself!

I guess when you are dealing with the “I don’t know, or nothing” crowd, who never can tell you what they want, it is best to go with unique gifts. Things that they probably never would have thought of themselves, even if they DID know what they want!

So, get the car lover a custom steering wheel or dashboard. Get the influencer the branded charging station, and get the hard to shop for some authentic luxury brands, because chances are that unique gifts will end up being a home run choice!



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