Unique Gifts this Holiday Season

Another holiday season is upon us, and as we all do a mad dash scramble to find the perfect gifts, there are some hidden gems that are being overlooked! Unique gifts are sometimes hard to come by, but thinking outside the box can help find the PERFECT gift. Here are a few ideas for Unique Gifts this Holiday Season!

All too often we head out into the shopping arena to procure gifts for our loved ones and are left wondering if what we picked out will be truly enjoyed, or if it will end up in next year’s White Elephant regifting pile. There is, however, a solution to that problem…and step one is to truly examine who you are purchasing for.

Listen to the things they talk about, what excites them, what they have always wanted to do, then act accordingly. If you have someone that loves the outdoors, enjoys competitive activities, or wants experiences over things, then maybe gifting them with the opportunity to visit Celticaxethrowers.com would be ideal. There they are able to be competitive and are getting to experience things, rather than add things to the ever-growing pile of stuff they own.

They are getting to learn a new skill, and will likely remember this gift for years to come! Plus, they can continue to go back throughout the year, for fun events, date nights, and even parties. What is better than that?!

unique gifts this holiday season

Is axe throwing not their thing? maybe they are into things like sustainability, eco-friendly products, and are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. If that is the case, buying them items from places like Reusibly would be perfect. With a variety of reusable straws, bamboo toothbrushes, eco subscriptions, eco packages, reusable makeup wipes and more to choose from, you can show your loved one that not only are you listening to what they are saying but that there is a whole world of awesome products that are designed to do exactly what they are hoping for!

Now here is a super unique idea, and it is definitely outside of the box, but if you have a loved one that is working on their own website, business, or shop, why not gift them with the tool necessary to increase business? Every business owner wants to know how their product, site, or business is coming across to their clients. To do this, they need CRM, and having a Zoho consulting partner can help them do just that. What to show your support this holiday season? help their business grow!

Okay, I know that some of these things seem a little off base, but you would be surprised at how often people would much rather receive the things they NEED during the holidays. None of these ideas piquing your interest, then ask them directly, what do you NEED this year…help with bills, a clean house, a night out, a babysitter? Do you need your website URL renewed for another year, is your hosting due…what can I do to make things easier for YOU. Unique gifts this holiday season can come from anywhere and be anything.


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