Unique Ways To Display Your Family Heirlooms

We probably all have treasured keepsakes that our parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents have passed down to us. The following are a few unique ways to display your family heirlooms, so they’re not just sitting in your basement or closet.  

Linens Into a No-Sew Pillow

Beautiful linens need to be displayed and not hidden away somewhere. If you have family tea towels passed down between generations, this is the DIY craft for you. All you’ll need is some fusible tape, a hot glue gun and glue, an iron, a small pillow that the linen fits around, and embellishments. 

Take the bottom side of the tea towel and fold it up so that it creates a flap. Then, iron that into place and secure the edges using fusible tape. Place your pillow inside the bottom and fold over the top flap and secure it with hot glue. Feel free to add any embellishments you desire. You can sew on a few buttons, for example. 

Unique Ways To Display Your Family Heirlooms

Family Memory Frame

Proudly display a specific family memory, such as a pair of baby slippers, a cherished family recipe, or a section from your mother’s wedding dress. Find a gorgeous frame that you love and take out the glass if needed. Cut a piece of scrapbooking paper to size and add it to the back of the frame. Secure the memento to the frame and find the perfect place to hang it. 

Silver Candelabra Jewelry Tree

If you’re not one to host lavish events, we’ve found a practical way to use your grandmother’s silver candelabra. Drape your necklaces over the different arms. Bracelets can stack on top of the candleholders. It’s a unique way to show off and organize your jewelry while also displaying a family heirloom. 

Vintage Hankie Rag Quilt

Use old hankies to build an adorable rag quilt. You’ll first cut out pieces of fleece or flannel squares to back each hanky. You’ll then sew blocks of hankies together, leaving a one-inch seam between blocks. Last, you’ll snip perpendicular with the seams between the blocks to give the blanket a rag feel. 

There are so many different items to pass down to the next generations to enjoy. You want to respect each item, and now you can enjoy them every day with these unique ways to display your family heirlooms.


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