Unique Ways To Teach Your Child Spanish at Home

We all want our children to grow up as prepared for their futures as possible. Teaching them another language is one way that we can positively impact our children’s lives. They’ll experience more success in their early academic years and throughout adult with work and travel. Try out some of these unique ways to teach your child Spanish at home.

Create Dedicated Times to Learning

If you want to set aside blocks of time each day, that’s great! Even just a few times a week will also be beneficial for them. Being regularly exposed to a language is what’s essential for them to have it stick. By being consistent, you highlight the importance of another language and support their journey in grasping it.

Learn Along With Them

There’s no better way for your child to learn Spanish than from and with you! When you learn with them, you’ll be able to expand the opportunities and practices to practice, such as while driving or grocery shopping together. In addition, Spanish will seem much more relevant when your child is able to speak it at home or out and about with a family member.

teach your child Spanish at home

Watch Spanish Videos

At times that you need to focus on something else or take some time to relax, watching educational videos or cartoons is a perfect and unique way to teach your child Spanish at home. There are dozens of videos on YouTube that are scholarly-focused, plus many more age-appropriate cartoons that you can find for your kid to pick up some new vocab or listen to conversations in action.

Make Use of Special Events

Finally, events or holidays are other fantastic ways to practice another language. These are generally emotionally charged with many options for activities and ways to interact with other people. For example, you can easily find ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with Spanish vocab or whatever other holiday is right around the corner. In addition, many holidays have words that are unique to them, giving your child an ideal opportunity to practice them.

Play around with different ways to teach another language at home. Over time, you’ll settle into a rhythm that perfectly fits your family’s lifestyle and personality.


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